Phoning it in

I’ve read in a bunch of places that Pally healing is two-button healing. From the forums:

Pally Healing:
Bind 1 to Flash of Light, bind every other key to Holy Light.
Press 1, repeat.
In case of emergency, mash face on keyboard.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Tools I use in healing instances:
Holy Light
Flash of Light
Blessing of Protection
Gift of the Naaru
Blessing of Freedom
Pally Taunt (yes, I have taunted trash off of a mage in a trash pull)
Seals (Light, Wisdom, Righteousness) and Judgement
Aura dancing depending on what kinds of spells are cast
Holy Shock
Lay on Hands
Divine Favor
Divine Illumination

Now, I get the fact that I’m not having to choose between my “big HoT and my little HoT” but geez, isn’t the above list enough to keep track of?

I haven’t even started downranking heals.. and already I’m running out of keys to bind.

3 thoughts on “Phoning it in

  1. It’s never as simple as people explain it, but at the most basic, the abilities you probably use every or in most fights are:
    Holy Light
    Flash of Light
    Holy Shock (maybe)
    Aura dancing (maybe)

    We have three spells we primarily use, and the rest are pretty much situational. Nothing wrong with that. The rest of the classes are in similar boats with healing, only instead of three they are sitting at 4-6. Woo!

    I think the gripe about our healing spells is primarily aimed at our lack of variety other than direct healing spells. Every other class has some sort of unique commonly used healing spell.
    Shaman: Chain Heal
    Druids: tons of HoTs.
    Priests: 1 HoT, 1 Shield, 2 (or is it 3?) AOE heals, not to mention the frisbee heal.
    By comparison we “only” have direct heals (in raids using JoL really isn’t an option since it requires you to be in melee range which means you have a high likelihood of being smacked by an AOE). Mind you, our direct heals are pretty much the best in the game, but that’s a commonly overlooked fact.

  2. I think a lot of classes have this over simplification. Look at us mages. 5 x Scorch, then Fireball, Fireball, etc… with a Scorch every 30 seconds or so. Yes, there is a lot of situational spells that I have. While it works in most cases, polymorph would technically be one of those “situational” spells. Of course… I wouldn’t take it off my main tool bar. 😉

  3. I just started downranking, though mostly using the same buttons as I use for the regular spells, but with macros. This allows me to save the majority of my keys for emergency face mashing 😀

    I made a downrank macro for flash so if I hold alt I cast rank 2. That’s right, rank 2 — because with my mp5, Illumination and other gear I can pretty much spam it without depleting my mana. So either when the tank/party is topped off and I just want to keep a trickle chargegoing for free or when I’m pretty much OOM I hold alt and spam flash. I get about 500-650 healing per 1.5 second cast, which is better than nothing. Each free proc has a chance to activate my Scarab of the Infinite Cycle for spell haste or my meta gem to get me +300 mana. I could use rank 1 and actually gain mana, but I thought 2 was a better compromise between mana efficiency and actually having a useful ammount of healing output.

    My Holy Light macro casts a rank 7 if I use alt, and I toss that in instead of a to rank flash every so often to keep my HLs in fast-mode. Assuming nobody could use a big heal of course.

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