Tabard of the Illidari

Last night we had 10 guild members logged on all at the same time. Of course, 30 seconds later one of them had to log off.. but for those 30 seconds we were almost a raid.

We’re awfully close to actually having enough people (in the correct roles) to go into Kara. We’re also making good progress on getting everyone keyed. (tonight: Black Morass)

We started off the night working on group quests in Nagrand. It turns out that at level 70, the Ring of Blood is very lucrative(~18g a pop). All in all I think I made 200g just from turning in quests.

After Nagrand half of us ran off to Shadowmoon Valley and the other half went to Shattrath to work on a long quest chain (can’t remember the name… I finished it up a while ago. You talk to NPCs and beat them up. Lots of fun). Knunn (the guild master) declared that he wanted to get the very cool tabard from the Shadowmoon Valley quest so since I was in his group I ran off to Shadowmoon Valley.

Quest for cool tabard:
1. Find and kill Val’Zareq the Conqueror. He’s a 70 elite wandering along the path of Conquest with 4 level 69 non-elite guards. He drops [item]The Journal of Val’zareq[/item]. Take the book to the end of the path to Marcus Auralion, High General of the Sha’tar, at Crimson Watch. (he’s the shadowy Draenei trapped in the right-hand crystal). Turn in the first quest. Don’t pick up the next quest until EVERYBODY in your party is ready for it.. it’s a sure-fire way to make people very mad at you (who.. me?).

2. When you have a group, accept the second quest. Fight and kill off 3 waves of mobs and a boss.
Wave 1: 4 Demons and 4 humanoids
Wave 2: 2 beholders (they fear.. silencing shot works on them)
Wave 3: Some warlock-y humanoids with a fire debuff
Boss: Tank and spank.. he spell reflects so watch out for that.

Hard.. but doable. We had 9 people there.. and we did it a total of 4 times. First time was just with Knunn’s group. Then the group from Shattrath caught up to us and we did it again. Then some people switched out to their alts.. and we did it again. Then on the last time through, one of the guildies didn’t get the complete.. so we did it again.

Honestly I can say, the 4th time through it gets kind of easy 😉

I was a little bummed that we couldn’t save the Draenei from the crystal… I mean really.. just leaving him there seems cruel.

After that was done we stopped by Shattrath to get the cool tabards and get a guild photo (picture will be available as soon as it’s sent to me) and then a smaller group ran off to Arcatraz to get the third part of their key. I think they were in there all of 20 minutes and emerged victorious.

I’m happy to say that I got the [item]Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari[/item]. I like the look of it better than the green one. That said.. I’m perplexed by the inscription: “A trophy commemorating a victory over Illidan Stormrage.”

A while back I got into an arguement with Knunn. He insisted that he’d seen people wandering around in these cool tabards commemorating their victory over Illidan.. therefore someone on our server had already defeated Black Temple. I knew this wasn’t the case.. but it took me a while to locate the tabards.. and to identify the quest line used to get the tabard. Since we didn’t beat Illidan.. it seem presumptuous to wander around in tabards commemorating a non-existant victory over Illidan. Ah well. In any case the tabards look absolutely scandalous on all female toons. I’m evilly pleased.

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  1. tnx alot for the post m8 🙂 i rly whanted that tabard and it looks so cool :p the Quest was so easy as i did it on 76 with an 80 with me ;p well i`m rly happy now the tabard rulez…tnx again ;p

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