Craptacular Black Morass

Wow.. yesterday sucked. I think we’ve been getting a little cocky. We decided to run Black Morass to get our last key part. La-ti-da-ti-da.. you know.. just a quick jaunt in the Black Morass, get that done and then move on. Craptacular failures followed.

First we didn’t have enough DPS (had a low DPS hunter) and our Subtlety Rogue wasn’t able to handle the adds(he couldn’t stealth between adds which put him behind the curve on portals 14-18). Then we switched it around. Swapped out the low dps hunter for a higher dps combat rogue.. and took the subtlety rogue off of adds and put him on the boss.

Then there were a flurry of unexpected deaths. In one case the tank got knocked back out of heal range and I couldn’t get to her fast enough to heal her. In at least two other cases I ran totally out of mana and a wipe followed shortly.

Then we had a couple of wipes where the next portal opened before we had finished with this portal. It was a long, frustrating evening.

This morning fiancee asked if I wanted to do it again tonight. I’m dreading it. UGH.

4 thoughts on “Craptacular Black Morass

  1. Three wipes I can blame on makeup.. 3 more after changing the makeup? I guess you can blame that on luck.. 2 more after that? I’m going to blame fatigue and frustration. Yeah, that’s it.. if we hadn’t been demoralized and tired we would have done much better. *sigh

    8 wipes on something we’ve made it through before. *sigh*

  2. Here’s the secret to easy mode for normal Black Moras:
    1. Make a Warlock friend.
    2. Bring said friend to Black Moras.
    3. Have said friend spam Seed of Corruption to take care of adds.
    4. Win!

    I know the “trick” doesn’t work on heroic, but for normal… I don’t think I’ll ever do it another way.

    Good luck tonight.

  3. I think moving the high DPS hunter from boss to adds hurt us in the long run. Sibiy can put out much more DPS than anyone else in that group and moving her off the boss prolonged the fights. Unless we can find someone else that can produce that kind of damage (like our friendly neighborhood fire mage), if might be best to have someone else deal with whelps.

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