Attack of the Huntard

(AKA: Yet another story about how PUGs suck)

Actually it’s not PUGs that suck.. it’s the people in them.

Logged on.. nothing guild-like going on so checked /lfg. Found a Druid tank grouped with a Hunter lfg for Shadow Labs. Whisper them and get an invite. Suggest two DPS guildie Rogues. Guildies get invites.

Group was: PUG Druid Tank, PUG Hunter, Tatia (Holy Paladin), Floki (Rogue) and Knunn (Rogue).

We summoned everyone. Huntard showed up with a cat with Prowl (queue ominous music). We entered the instance. I start blessing everyone. Hunter pipes up.

Huntard: No, I want Kings. More crits FTW.
Tatia: I don’t have it.
Huntard: I want Kings.
Tatia: I don’t have Kings.
Huntard: You’re not Holy.
Tatia: You’re not a Paladin.
Tatia: Kings comes from the Protection tree. I’m Holy. 51/0/10
Huntard: …
During this conversation Druid Tank pulled the first group.
After pull:
Huntard: You’re a beaut ain’t ya.
Tatia: SRSLY, we’re 2 mins into this.
Knunn: Watch it.

Next pull. Tank marks 1 kill target and 1 trap target.
Tank: Pull.
Huntard shoots his trap target. WITH CONCUSSIVE SHOT!!!
Trap target -slowly- runs towards Huntard. Kill target runs quickly towards Huntard. Kill target hits trap. Trap target hits huntard. Tank hits trapped kill target breaking trap.

Since it was only two mobs we were fine.
After the pull:

Tatia: I recommend against pulling with concussive shot.
Huntard whispers Tatia: I didn’t ask you a question you dick.
Tatia (purposefully in party): It’s Bitch.

Short conversation in Ventrillo and guildies all decide to leave.
We all ran out. The group didn’t make it past the first room.. in fact I think we were on the 4th pull in the room.

Huntard: It would of worked if she hadn’t been such a smartass.
Tatia: Working with Huntards just pisses me off.
You have been removed from the group.