Black Morass Strategy

Summary: You and your 4 best friends (or some random PUG) must save Medivh from the dragonkin of the Infinite Dragonflight. (Though why the Infinite Dragonflight wants to prevent Orcs from entering Azeroth is never quite made clear. Why do they care that Orcs killed a lot of people?) Orcs must enter Azeroth so they can help fight off the Scourge and eventually the Burning Legion.

On your way into the instance you’ll need to be sure to pick up a Chron-beacon from Sa’at (he’s just past the instance boundary inside the instance). The entrance (E) is at the north-end of the instance. Medivh(M) stands at the south side of the instance. Do not step on Medivh’s island until you’re ready to start the main event. You need to clear the islands around Medivh where the portals will spawn (without getting too close to him). You don’t have to clear the whole instance.. just the area around Medivh. Once the immediate area is cleared, buff everyone, eat buff food, drink elixirs. From here on it’s ~45 minutes of nearly constant fighting.

One party member (not the tank and not the healer) should run up to Medivh and start the main event.

The Infinte Dragonflight will open 18 portals one at a time. There are four places where the portals will open. In our guild, we call out the numbers 1-4 to say which one has opened. In most cases the portal will open.. and either a Rift Lord or a Rift Keeper will emerge.. and then dragonkin and dragon whelps will emerge (the adds). If anyone in your party dies the portals will open faster with less time between portals.

The Rift Lord/Keeper is tethered to the portal. If they go to far away from the portal they will reset and run back to the portal with full health. The adds will leave the portal and make a bee line for Medivh. They will then beat on Medivh’s shield. They won’t proximity aggro on anyone.. but once someone hits them they’ll go for the person highest on the aggro list.

A Rift Lord is a melee type. They have higher armor but not as many other nasty skills. As a Paladin Healer I throw up Retribution or Devotion aura and then seal/judge Light on them and auto-hit them from behind while healing the tank. Additional DPS is good here just so the fight doesn’t drag too long.

Rift Keepers come in two flavors, Mage Rift Keepers and Warlock Rift Keepers.

Mage Rift Keepers carry a straight staff. They will almost immediately start casting frost spell and pyroblast on persons in melee. They will occasionally sheep whoever is second on their aggro list (can be cleansed). As a Paladin Healer I usually change to Frost Resist Aura. Warrior tanks have had good luck with reflecting the pyroblast.

Warlock Rift Keepers carry a staff with bat wings on the top. The will put a debuff on the tank and occasionally fear #2 melee on their aggro list (can be cleansed). They will also occasionally send out a Shadow Volley that causes ~2k damage to anyone nearby. Tanks can reflect the volley off of themselves. As a Paladin Healer I change to Shadow Resist Aura. It is possible for others who are not DPSing the Keeper to stay out of range of the Shadow Volley.. I’ve never been able to get out of range of the Volley and still be able to heal (I think it has a 45 yard range). So at least the healer, the tank, and the tank-helper-dps are going to be hit by the Shadow Volley.

On portals 6, 12 and 18 a boss will appear.

I try to drink after every portal if I can. Even if I’m at 90% mana. I try to run as close as I can to the next portal and the drop down to drink before I jump into combat.

Normal portal With a Warrior or Druid Tank:
Healer should heal ONLY the tank, themselves (and possibly 1 melee DPS if you have to). Everyone else should fend for themselves.
Tank should grab the Rift Lord/Keeper and tank them right next to the portal. Tank should -not- use any AOE skills. This will allow all adds to bypass the tank and head for Medivh.

One DPS person should take all of the Dragon Whelps. We’ve found that a hunter does this best with multi-shot.
One DPS person should take all of the Dragon Kin. We’ve found that a hunter or a rogue does this best.
One DPS person should DPS the Rift Lord/Keeper with the Tank and should switch out to help with adds as necessary.

Normal portal with Paladin Tank:
Paladin should tank the Rift Lord/Keeper in the path that the adds take to Medivh. Front-load aggro on the Rift Lord/Keeper with an Avenger’s Shield and full rank consecrate. Then throw rank 1 consecrates as the adds emerge to pick up the adds.

All DPS should be on the Rift Lord/Keeper. When they’re down, DPS should peel the adds off of the Pally tank so he can get out of range and drink before the next portal.

If the portal opens before the Pally is done drinking everyone should stay away from the portal so as not to draw the Rift Lord/Keeper’s proximity aggro. Instead DPS should concentrate on the adds that get through.

Boss at 6: Same as normal portal. This boss had an AOE knockback and an “Arcane Discharge” that will hit everyone in range. I’ve been able to heal at range and not be hit by it.. but I have to be at the very edge of my range and there’s a chance of the tank going out of range if they get knocked back.
Boss at 12: Ignore the adds. Let them go through. (this means pally tanks should NOT consecrate to catch the adds). All DPS on the boss. Boss has nasty anti-healing curse that stacks on the tank. Should be removed if possible. When boss 12 is done, throw 1 chrono-beacon at Medivh to help clear the adds. All DPS on the adds.

Boss at 18: Everyone should heal/mana up before engaging. When everyone is ready, 1 person should run in and throw down their chrono-beacon. Boss will dismiss that dragon. Then everyone else should run in and throw down their chrono-beacon. Boss’s dismiss is on a cooldown so these dragons will get to beat on the boss for a while.

Alternatively you can drop beacons on the gates at 14, 15, 16, and 17. This will make those fights go a lot faster but will leave your group to fully kill off the boss at the end.

From there it’s a tank and spank. Boss will occasionally stop time so overhealing is preferred to waiting to heal. Boss also has a cone of sand that hits for 2-4k. So tanks should turn the boss away from the party.

Black Morass is essentially a DPS race and a gear check.