*Curse* *stomp* *fume*

We live in such barbaric times. Why oh why is it that I can make a comment on some site somewhere and then completely forget where I made the comment. Something should track my comments automatically so I can see if there are any followup. Seriously I sprinkle my comments across the Internet.. HTH am I supposed to remember where I said what?

I’m fuming because -somewhere- (and I don’t remember where) I was reading someone’s comments.. and one of the comments said something like “I am Holy and I like tanking regular 5-mans. It’s very easy to get uncrushable as Holy and Tanking is fun”.

To which I replied something like “Cool! But how to you push crushing off the table without Holy Shield? It would seem that you’d be 30% crushable. What’s your gear?”

Now I really want to know what they replied.. because being able to occasionally tank 5-mans would relieve the “can’t find a tank” problem I’m almost constantly having.

GRRRRR! *stomp* *fume* *sigh* I need a Latte.

5 thoughts on “*Curse* *stomp* *fume*

  1. Step 1. Take a breath.

    Step 2. Take a sip of your Latte.

    Step 3. Relax because in 5 mans you don’t have to be UnCRUSHable.

    You see to be hit by a crushing blow (x1.5 damage) the thing attacking you has to be 3 levels higher than you. When you are level 70 the only thing that is that high is a RAID boss. Even the level 70 5-man instance bosses are only level 72.

    HOWEVER… if you want to tank a 5-man boss well you should get 485 defense so that you are unCRITTable (x2 damage). It is 485 because you need 490 def to be uncrittable to a level 73 (raid boss), 485 for 72 (5-man boss), 480 for 71 and only 475 for level 70 enemies.

    Holy ends up being pretty darn good at tanking 5-mans if you can meet that requirement. Love my super flexible Paladin

  2. You don’t really have to be uncrushable to be a viable tank, even in Kara. I’ve tanked in pretty much all of the Outlands 5 mans and Kara with my holy/prot pally. I have enough prot spec for max devotion, max toughness, and max redoubt. In tank gear, I run about 16K armor, maybe 11K health, ~450 defense, ~100 resilience. I always act as the sacrificial pally for clearing the crowds of non-elites — Righteous Fury, Holy Wrath, Consecration, and I’m usually okay even if we happen to grab an elite or two (other than valets, of course). I go mainly as healbot, but I always bring the tank gear as well because sometimes we have enough healers and not enough tanks.

    The 3/3 Blessed Life, in addition to the Prot talents, plus my ability to help with my own healing (and generating aggro for doing it) makes it more viable than you’d expect. Before anyone starts flaming, I’m not saying I’m ideal for MT in Kara, but I’m an adequate substitute for a real tank. The biggest problem with my tanking is that it takes away a good part of the group’s healing.

    Depending on the situation, I heal with RF on to try to make sure I’m ahead of the squishies on the aggro lists, because even in healing gear, I can survive more hits than the squishies.

    Some tanking I’ve done:

    SH: MT grabs the big gladiator while I hold all of the others in the pull (while healing myself frantically). We had no CC for the run, so we gave it a shot, and it worked great.

    Moroes: grabbing and off-tanking broken shackles or traps while healing myself and the real tanks for the fight. Sometimes we lose a shackler or a trapper, and I have to offtank a little between Turn Undead cooldowns.

    Curator approach: tanking one of the arcane watchmen while MT tanks the other one

  3. Unrelated to the uncrushable thing… a personal comment tracker would be SO nice. Lemme know if you ever find one!

    p.s. I am geeking out right now because the anti-spam word is naaru. I take it you don’t use randoms? And many thanks for the link!

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