Brain Fried

Long non-WoW weekend. Did things that involve sweating, cursing (under my breath) and complaining about the heat. Honestly, when playing it’s easy to forget that you’re riding around a desert in full plate armor on your way to the Caverns of Time. Sitting in the shade in the California central valley is -way- harder.

Anyway. Got back, a little brain fried just in time for Guild night. We got a group together to run Shattered halls. Over the weekend we talked with a friend who’s the main healing priest for his guild in Kara. We mentioned Shattered Halls and our trouble with the last boss. Sheeshe-o said that Kargath is a cake boss if you do it right.

He then described having the tank run to the middle of the ring.. and then everyone stands on the 3rd or 4th step.. and dps from distance on Kargath. It sounds like a good theory.. but most of our runs are melee dps heavy (lots of rogues).. so I don’t see it working for us. We instead did it the way I described in my Kargath strategy entry and only had a few wipes.

When we finally “won” the only people still alive were the hunter and the hunter’s pet. In fact I died when Kargath was still at 25%. Sibiy FTW.

I now only need ~550 more rep to get Revered with Honor Hold. Close enough in fact that I even wandered off to capture some PVP points.