Addon: Proximo Arena Mod

I’m tempted by the Arena.. but I’m fairly certain I’ll get my ass handed to me unceremoniously.

Regardless.. I stumbled across this addon that looks like it’d be fairly interesting. Noting it here just in case I actually get the urge to go into an Arena.

Proximo Arena Mod: Simple enemy unit frames for Arena matches used for identifying and coordinating targets

It lets you see your opponents as a unit frame. If you see them before combat starts you can also use this bar to target them. I assume you could also hook this into Clique to clickcast spells through the bar.

2 thoughts on “Addon: Proximo Arena Mod

  1. Hmm… might be very useful. Maybe it’s my graphics settings, but I never seem to see my opponents until I’m about 1/2 way to them. (Okay, there’s a slight exaggeration there.) And you may get your butt handed to you in arena, but only until your rating drops low enough to be with other people that equally suck. (I say this because I’m well aware of my own ability to PVP, and know that I’m just not even 1500 rating skill yet. With the right group, I’m probably closer to about 1400.)

  2. It’s use is mainly informational when you’re the healer, to keep track of what your teammates are doing – a little holy shock or hammer of justice thrown while your DD mate is under the GCD to finish an opponent off is always appreciated.

    I expect a CC class will actually make the best use out of this tool.

    > but I never seem to see my opponents until I’m about 1/2 way to them.

    Simply mouseover your opponents as soon as they show up – you must have at least mousedover or had some other interaction with your foes for them to show up. Targetting counts, and the info is synched with all your teammates who run Proximo as well.

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