Infogasm – Addon: Recount

Seriously, if you don’t have it, get “Recount”. I spotted this on WowInsider UI of the week feature.

It’s Yet Another Damage Meter… but it’s more much much more. I’ve only started twisting the dials.. and it’s very very pretty. How much information is too much information?

I -do- wish it had either a minimap icon or a FuBar thingy (what do you call that?.. clickable fubar tag that you click on to open it). But even without that.. it’s one fantastic infogasm. I was able to graph incoming damage, outgoing damage and then heals. Very very pretty.

[Edited to add]
Turns out they have a fubar plugin for Recount. I’m in Info heaven.

5 thoughts on “Infogasm – Addon: Recount

  1. Yeah i saw it too, it sure was a splashy UI. Have recount also recently as a addon. Have been using SW Stats. It seems to give lots more info. More stuff to play with i guess.

  2. I upgraded from DamageMeters to SWstats a few months (?) ago. Then I saw this one on Wow Insider as well. I like the graphs and whatnot. Is it as accurate as SW stats thought? SW does a great job at sync’ing data between all your participants. Does Recount do that as well?

  3. I really don’t know 😉 I’m still stuck on the pretty pictures. I’ve yet to group with anyone since installing it.

    THAT and when I ran SW stats it seemed a little flaky (ie, at one point it showed that -I- out DPSed a mage. Yah, like that’ll happen. No, the Mage wasn’t AFK.).

  4. Hmm, i’m still getting used to recount, though its disabled at the moment. But over the weekend started using it and it seem to have a lot of nice data and info thats very usable. I know i did have SW Stats and Recount running at same time and the DPS figures was exact the numerous times i looked at it. Recount also shows your DPS if you keep clicking through the > tab also. It has all the DPS graph figures an all that it shows running over time. Seems nice. It has a lot of other uses it seems though in Recount.

    However I’m still getting used to it. maybe someone that been using it a while knows better about it.

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