All grow’d up

I finally feel like we’re finally playing with the big kids. West Kingdom defeated our first Heroic instance, Heroic Underbog. Now individual members of WK had done Heroic in pugs in the past.. but this was our first full guildie group.

We were: Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Tatia (Holy Paladin), Knunn (Combat Rogue), Sibiy (Beast Master Hunter), Amellea (Restoration Druid).

Yes, if you actually read the list above, we actually did our first full heroic run with two healers. Boggle. I was worried that we’d be low on DPS but it was actually nice to have Amellea take on bear form and off-tank for some of the pulls.

This is actually the third heroic Tatia’s been in.. We found that Heroic Blood Furnace is a serious PITA and couldn’t make it past the big eyeball boss (too many adds). Heroic Ramparts wasn’t bad.. but we kept wiping on the last boss. We decided we didn’t have enough fire resist.

We were near that point with the Heroic Underbog last boss.. In fact we were on the last try before calling it. That boss really needs a nature resist set.

The last boss isn’t hard.. but the sets of 3 adds he summons are killer. There’s nothing more frustrating than being blased by 1k lightning balls while suspended in the air.

It seems like the fight goes as follows:
You engage boss. Boss levitates someone and sort of flings them across the room. (If I’m quick I can cleanse this off the person being levitated before they get out of range.. but it takes 3-4 full cleanses to get the to drop to the ground). Boss summons 3 adds with ~5k hp. 15-20 seconds later boss summons 3 more adds.

It seems that he only summons 2-3 batches of adds. If you can get them killed them the boss is easy.

3 thoughts on “All grow’d up

  1. Don’t kill the adds! While the boss is still alive, killing an add results in three more spawning. Just suck up their damage, and burn the big guy down ASAP. Once he’s dead, deal with them.

  2. Ranged dps, and maybe healers, can park themselves under mushrooms to prevent the levitate from lifting them more than a foot or so off the ground. I did that with my mage on that fight, and she ended up with the epic wand drop — and some mushroom spores in her hair.

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