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… and I’m about to cry from the overwhelming feeling.

They’re talking to us… and they’re saying nice things.

From Drysc wrt 2.3:
– 1/3 of +healling will be counted as +spell.
… it’s about a third. So 1500 +heal would give about +500 +spell damage.
– [6 second cooldown on Crusader Strike]
we’re putting the benefits of Improved Seal of the Crusader right into the base spell, and the talent will instead give the benefit of Sanctified Crusader. That of course means Sanctified Crusader needs something else, and it’s being renamed Sanctified Seals, which will increase your chance to critically hit will all spells and melee by 1/2/3% and reduces the chance your Seals can be dispelled by 33/66/100%.
lowering the mana cost for Exorcism, Holy Wrath, and Hammer of Wrath.
increase to the duration of Vengeance to 30 seconds.
changing Pursuit of Justice to 3 ranks and it will now increase movement speed by 5/10/15% and also reduces the chance you’ll be hit by spells by 1/2/3%.
Also Vindication frequency and duration is being increased, and is going to reduce all attributes by 5/10/15%, not just Strength and Agility.

7 thoughts on “Blue in Paladin Forum

  1. – increase to the duration of Vengeance to 30 seconds.

    Vengeance… as in Seal of Vengeance? 30 seconds? Or is this something else? If it’s SoV, ZOMGZ! SoV is the new raid tanking seal!

  2. Nope sorry.. it’s the deep Retribution talent, Vengeance.

    Vengeance 0/5
    Gives you 1/2/3/4/5% bonus to Physical and Holy damage you deal for 15 seconds after dealing a critical strike from a weapon swing, spell or ability. This ability stacks up to 3 times.

  3. Wow… now THAT’S what they meant by reducing a paladin’s reliance on spell damage.

    Can’t wait to see this become a reality

  4. Yabut… I didn’t get the feeling they meant paladins in general.. I thought the comment was directed at Retribution Pallys…

    My feeling is that the biggest flaw with Ret Pallys is that their stat requirements are all over the place.

    Only one spell used by Ret uses spell crit ( Judgement of Righteousness) The rest use melee crit.. but most of them are effected by +spell. I get the feeling it’s very hard to itemize for +spell and for +melee crit at the same time.

  5. I foresee a bunch of disenchanting and free bag space in my future. At the 1/3 range, I can get rid of a bunch of spell damage gear, which normally puts me at around +600, and just stay in my healing gear, which would put me at about +600. It also makes me much more useful when we need only 2 healers for trash clearing. I’ll just wade in and keep judgements up, and actually do measureable damage without a gear switch. Woot! I’m going to love my arena gear even more after that patch. *weeps for joy*

  6. I worry about this change. I mean obviously it’s a good thing, but too much of a good thing brings out the nerf bat. As someone who (when raiding) cares a lot about my +heal but almost no interest in my +dmg, I’d hate to see this lead to a nerf in the +heal itemization because it not counts as +dmg also.

  7. I think the goal is to allow healers to have some damage in solo without having to spend twice the amount of time gathering armor (and loot whoring).

    I currently run at about +1000 healing. That’s about +300 spell which is sufficient to kill things in solo. I can get better if I focus on and gather the +spell things.. BUT my goal is to kill things in solo, not to be a DPS contributer to the raid. If I was a DPS contributer .. then the +healing items are ok.. but they don’t yield the highest DPS I could possibly get.

    NOW.. if I’m off-healer.. then wearing +heal gear gives me the best heals.. and also allows me to do decent DPS. I’m not holding my own as a DPS contributer.. but when things get sticky I’m an A+ healer.

    Unfortuanately off-tanks are still pretty screwed. No utility for generating sufficient threat if they’re not being hit.. and they’re not going to be wearing +heal items.. so they’re not going to be able to fill the heal role.. and they’re not going to get the “free” +spell.

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