In for a penny..

In for a pound.

Fishing guide: El’s Extreme Anglin’

Quest for a pole (pre-winning fishing contest): Rather be Fishin’

Grinding guide:

You skill up by number of succesful catches. The equation is apx. as follows: (current unmodified fishing level – 75) / 25 = total # of fish required to level, with a minimum of 1 fish per catch. (see below for table)
Originally posted by Noressa on the US forums

I wonder.. if you put something on your fishingpole that gives you +100 skill.. does that effect the forumula above? In-ta-resting!

3 thoughts on “In for a penny..

  1. Fishing. Really?

    I would have to be really darn bored to level fishing. You have the focus of a saint.

  2. As your level of fishing incresase so does the number of fish required to level 1 point of skill. I cant remember the table of how it is.

    But above most the most fish your will have to ever catch to level 1 point of skill is 10 and that at high 350+ level. So if you have lower level skill its less fish required but it increase in increments at certain levels.

    Ahem. Yeah it does take some patience to level fishing. I guess i had a lot 🙂 and really …it never took me that long to level fishing. I just did it in focus time doing only just fishing and made me a big bang of gold doing it because i knew how and when to sell my fish and not flood the market when i caught them. So it was just fun and the gold sure was.

    What i cant wait for is the cooking dailys and the new fishing recipe hehehehe 🙂

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