Only a smidge jealous

I won’t say I lurk on other blogs.. when I have a comment I make it.. but most of the time I’m just reading. Most of the time I’m a Paladin.. peeking in at a Priest. It’s interesting to know what they have to say.. but I don’t always have something worthwhile to add to their post. This lets me see/experience other classes without actually having to play them up to 70.

I have to admit.. when I read this from Priestly Endeavors I started to feel a little smidge of jealousy. I mean.. wow.. they get an instant cast heal.. that attributes all the threat to the target.. and they can do the priestly equivalent of Misdirect.

No fair, they get all the cool toys.

I have to admit I’m also amused by the fact that toons actually flinch when hit with the “Chakra”. That just tickles my funny bone.

3 thoughts on “Only a smidge jealous

  1. I bet some of those priests are little jealous that we can run around in 16K armor with as much +heal and more +spell crit than they have. Priests, druids, and shammies all have very cool toys, but so do we. There are plenty of times in heroics when I’d rather have a priest or other multi-target healer around rather than just me with my biggO single-target heals and a bunch of desperate flashes on the rest of the party, but it all balances out. I like being able to taunt 3 targets off of a priest who’s done a shackle pull and just soak up some hits while the tanks get things sorted out. If we had group heals, shackles, etc, what would be the point of having priests? I like the pros and cons of each type of healer for any given situation. It makes the game more interesting.

    I really don’t get all of the pally complaints, though my experience is limited to holy and prot trees. I think we have a pretty nice set of abilities and tons of flexibility requiring just a gear change, and I find myself cringing in anticipation of a nerf bat.

  2. Why would we get a nerf? It’s not like 1/3 of our +heal goes to +damage or anything obviously OP like that.

    Oh, wait.

  3. Trust me, we priests ARE plenty jealous of all that armor, those HP, and that almost infinite well of mana! 🙂 But man do we love our Frisbee! (So do our tanks & melees!)

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