This is the week for boring things. If you’re looking for excitement.. run over to the World of Warcraft Forums and argue about how threat reduction will prevent Retribution pallies from tanking (wtf?). Whatever.

Over here.. I’ve decided to level fishing. It’s in the well rounded “gosh I ought to cap all my skills” category.

I logged on yesterday, completed my dailies and then spent an inordinate amount of time farming for mote of mana. After about two hours I had exactly one primal and was bored out of my mind. I decided that one primal was enough for one day and hearthed back to Shatt. Almost immediately someone announced in trade that they were selling 7 Primal Mana for 10g each. I scooped them up. So I guess I’m done farming Primal Mana for a while.

I already had the Primal Water.. so I “borrowed” khorium bars (from my brother and Grimr) and was able to get [item]Khorium Boots[/item] crafted. I also got [item]Silver Spellthread[/item] crafted and applied to my healing pants.

Getting Khorium Boots reminded me that I wanted to get the boot enchantment Vitality. It’s a world drop so my only hope is to check AH frequently. I used the portal to SW and found quite a few enchanting recipes on AH that I didn’t have.. unfortunately, Vitality wasn’t one of them. Ah well.

Looking at enchanting recipes on AH reminded me that I REALLY want to get my enchanting up. Right now all of the recipes I have are pretty expensive. *sigh*. I’m continually annoyed that I haven’t finished off Enchanting or Cooking.

I’ve run into a stumbling block with cooking since it seems that all of the high level cooking recipes require fish. And me with fishing stuck at 22. I figured “eeh, it’s a boring week anyway.. ” and liberated a fishing pole from an alt. At some point I’ve acquired a [item]Strong Fishing Pole[/item]. I started at 11:40 PM PST and ended at 12:30 PM PST. I went from 22 to 100. I would have gone further.. but I relocated to Stranglethorne Vale.. and only afterwards realized I needed higher fishing skill before I went there. I’ll go back to Westfall and I’ll hit 130 tonight.. and then go fish the vale.

I guess fishing is like farming.. only more boring. I do have to say that nothing puts me to sleep faster.. AND it’s very hard to quickly click the bobber when you’re falling asleep. My plan is to just bluster through it. Hopefully this will let me get the fish I need to cap out cooking as well. Hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Yawn…

  1. Menethil Harbor is probably a more convenient spot for skilling up from 100, and it’s just a boat ride from there to Theramore, in case you get really ambitious (bored). Once you get your skill up, fishing is pretty worthwhile. You can get about 1 golden whatsit per minute fishing right outside of Shatt, which is worth about 1g to 2g per minute of fishing, even ignoring the various other fish you’ll get, and it gives you a nice +heal boost. The sporefish from Zang are nice for longer, lower intensity fights where you just want a steady stream of mana regen. Every so often you’ll pull in a golden vendorfish, which is worth 6g at a vendor.

  2. I’ve written many times on my blog myself about my love for going fishing in WoW and leveling up fishing. I see it as a necessary skill to have at 70. For food Fishing is a huge plus! Almost all my food i use for buff are fishing food. Talbuks may be the odd one out i hunt for meat.

    When i was leveling people used to laugh when i said i love to fish, everyone said it was soo boring and didn’t need it. I knew better. But at 70 you do realize the value of it as Blizzard put the least liked profession with the best buff foods at the high end of the skill level also to catch and tie it well with cooking.

    You just have to bite the bullet and skill up fishing and once you do its all gravy! You just pull out your lucky rod when you see water and you know you can catch something and just about anything thats there. When you don’t have the skill thats when its really hard and knowing you didn’t level it makes it harder when you now have to level it up.

    It will just takes some time to level it up. It pays to have the skill and pays to fish. A half hour of fishing here and there and over time its leveled up.

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