‘Cause BigRedKitty said

Quoth BigRedKitty:
Paladins are the cockroaches of the warcraft universe. They can survive just about anything and, although they’re unpleasant to look at, aren’t that much of a threat. Paladins don’t kill us, it’s more like they wear us out and smack us down after we cry No Mas.

I think I’m going to take that as a compliment.. and a testament to our piss-poor dps.

3 thoughts on “‘Cause BigRedKitty said

  1. I roll with a cockroach companion pet for that very reason. The cockroach should be the symbol of the Paladin class. After the gnomes drop the bomb it’ll just be us and the cockroaches Assuming we pop our bubbles in time.

  2. LOL @ Valis.

    We have a lot of fun with the pallys in our guild. They like to declare, “I’m a pally–I can do anything!” “Yeah, if you don’t die of old age first!” I love our pallys, I really do. 🙂

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