Welfare Epics

You know what? I’ll take ’em.

Even though we had a low turn out of guildies last night we were still able to field a group to take on the Headless Horseman.

– If you’re alliance, station a warlock in SM to do summons. Ette has moved there and plans to try and make money tonight. Seriously, we spent more time waiting for people to run alts to the graveyard than we did fighting the horseman.
– You can four man it.. if you know the fight and if you have sufficient dps. Otherwise it’s a wipe-fest.
– Healy paladins have the greatest range of happy loot drops. I got the helm(only plate wearer in the group) [item]The Horseman’s Helm[/item], healy ring [item]Witching Band[/item], and the caster ring [item]The Horseman’s Signet Ring[/item].
– The pets have a very low drop rate.. only saw that once.

Let’s see… being in an alt-happy guild.. I think we ran it ~9 times last night. Tatia went on everyone of those runs.. since none of the other healers were on.

Since brooms last for 2 weeks.. I’ve determined that Ette needs 26 of them 😛 So far I’ve gotten 6 (1 present from fiancee (Thank you Honey!), 3 that I picked up on the greed roll and 2 that fiancee gave to me that -he- won on the greed roll). Only 20 more to go 🙂 Well that.. and really Ette should get to at least 40 so she can ride.. anything.

Overall the event was fun.. even on the 9th time through it.

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  1. In 6 runs i got both the healing and DPS ring. I’ve yet to see the helm drop. Will continue to farm him till its all over lol. We only wiped once and that was on the very first try as we got caught in the HH whirlwinds.

    Overall its sure fun to say the least. SM haven’t seen this much action is forever.

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