Lilac, Tatia

So totally worth it

Seriously. So. Totally. Worth. Ette 🙂

So yeah, we’ve beaten the headless horseman into submission. Tatia has everything she could want (heal ring, caster ring, dps ring, plate helm) … but continues to help others with the run for the brooms. Ette -needs- the brooms.

Ette also needed to get to 40 tout sweet. Ta Da. It only took an hour or so.

Yeah, the warlock horse is badass too.. but the broom + the hat is priceless.

Besides.. I think this is the only mount I’ve seen where the gnome doesn’t look dorky.

1 thought on “So totally worth it

  1. OOO! Edith reminded me.. Crazy Cat Lady sells black cats.. I am so going for the full wicked witch look. You’ve got to milk the “evil warlock” thing for all it’s worth.

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