2.3: Full of win

Several times this weekend someone in guild would talk about feature X and the response was “coming in 2.3”. After consideration I declared that I couldn’t find any flaws with 2.3. Nothing that I was dreading. Nothing that I hated.

Zynnia, one of our priests declared that she could find one flaw. She’s really miffed that the Dwarven racial is being given to all priests. She’s not miffed that it’ll be spread around. She’s miffed that she rolled a dwarf only for the racial.. and now she has no compelling reason to play a “dumpy” toon.

Are there any other flaws I’m missing? Anything?

(win) – Faster leveling
(win) – Quests added in the swamp with flight point
(win) – Guild banks
(win) – New flight path in Stranglethorn
(win) – Retribution changes
(win) – Protection changes
(win) – Increased range on Cleanse
(win) – Ritual of Refreshment
(win) – New tracking menu
(win) – Badges off of Kara bosses
(win) – Honored only for heroic keys
(win) – New flying mounts
(win) – Daily dungeon quests to funnel players in the LFG
(win) – Daily cooking quests
(win) – Duration on wizard and mana oils increased
(win) – Epic loot form old world dungeons
(win) – Bonuses on low level cloth items streamlined
(not sure…) – Ability to see someone’s talent tree when you inspect them
(not sure…) – Game objects that you can interact with have a glow around them and display their name over the object to make them more obvious. Does this mean that stupid quest to find XXX that blends into the terrain will be easier?