CE -> Exalted

Fiancee wants to get Beast Lord shoulders for his Hunter. This requires many many runs through Steamvaults. Luckily I love him.. and I want to get CE Exalted in order to buy the mount in 2.3. We ran Steamvaults 8 times.

The shoulders dropped once.. but Fiancee lost to another hunter in the party. Very sad for fiancee.

On the next-to-the last run through Steamvaults we had Baldwyne (protection Pally) tanking for an all guildie group. The last boss dropped both [item]Devilshark Cape[/item] and [item]Breastplate of the Righteous[/item]. Since Tatia was in the instance healing I passed on the Devilshark Cape but rolled against Baldwyne on the Breastplate. Tatia won the Breastplate. Yeah! (I believe that Baldwyne did a run later with fiancee and picked up the breastplate).

On my very last run through Steamvaults (still with Baldwyne tanking) the last boss dropped [item]Devilshark Cape[/item] again. So yeah.. Tatia has everything out of Steamvaults that she’s ever wanted.

With all the runs I was 196 rep short of Exalted. I ran over to the CE point and turned in Coilfang Armaments and got Exalted. Yeah!

Now, onto Lower City, Sha’tar and Scryer rep.

4 thoughts on “CE -> Exalted

  1. Already got Scryer Exalted. Shatar Exalted in about 5 more runs, Lower City will absolutely be last on my list, hate SL so it goes last.

    Through all the runs through SV all i need is both the cape and the chest piece. Never have i seen either one drop as yet. But thats oki got patience, i will just have to keep beating Warlord Kalithresh into complete submission for him to drop them at least it will get me to Exaulted quicker doing that.

  2. *sigh* still need the 5k for the riding skill too.. but I’m resolved. I -need- (ok.. want really really badly) the Hippogryph.

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