Instancing 101

While Ette was whiffing her way through Uldaman.. Fiancee ran into a similar problem.

Fiancee jumped into LFG and joined up with a Mana Tombs group. They entered the instance and then wiped on both the first and the second pulls in the Tombs. Things were looking very inauspicious.

After the second wipe Fiancee offered to start marking mobs for the pull… Then he got everyone into voice chat so he could talk them through the pull. Then he rearranged the group and change it so the Feral Druid was tanking instead of the (somewhat) Retribution Paladin (pally had point spread across all three trees).

Somehow Fiancee had gotten into a group with four other people.. none of whom seemed to have the first clue about going through an instance. Fiancee and I both wondered how people could get to 60-65 and still not know how to play their class. Though more correctly, it’s not know how to play their class in an instance.

Fiancee ended up explaining “why you want less aggro than the tank” and “why threat meters are the bomb” to everyone in the group.. and then in specific he explained “pulling with Faery Fire” to the Druid Tank.. and “using your Succubus to Seduce a humanoid” to the Warlock.. and “How focus killing makes healing easier” to the priest… and “picking a single job/spec” to the Paladin.

It took -3 hours- for the group to get through mana tombs, but in the end he congratulated them all.. and admitted that if they kept doing what he’d showed them they’d make a decent group in an instance.

This kind of story makes me feel all happy and fluffy.. I know I don’t have the patience to do it.. and normally I’d say Fiancee doesn’t have the patience for it either.. I’m really surprised it happened. Surprised and Glad.

Now at least there are 4 more people on our server.. who have a small clue about how to not be the “sucky” part of a PUG.

4 thoughts on “Instancing 101

  1. That’s a great story…and almost makes me think about doing a PUG. Almost. *grin*

    I love your anti-spam widget: May I ask what it’s called, and where to get it? And why is yours the only blog I’ve seen that uses it??

    Great stories…keep it up! 🙂

  2. i wish i had that patience sometimes. Whats even better in this case, is that the party actually listened to him. Too often it seems when trying to help someone out (esp. if its a stranger) they tend to lash-out teenager style and everyone leaves all hurt.

    Kudos to the fiancee… tell him to start holding a class and charge for it. =)

  3. I wrote up a nice comment and forget to include the Anti-spam word and loss the whole comment. The write up was much better i can tell you.

    Anyway have patience with some people. You never know who they are behind the screen and who they can become. Patience does have limits but everyone should have some with new people new to a event/instance.

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