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Last night nothing much was going on in the 70s so I logged on Ette intending to try out a new addon (TourGuide)(review coming) and get a level or two.

Ette (Affliction Warlock) is in her low 40s and was in the inn in Hinterlands. Unfortunately, all the Hinterland quests are orange to her.. so it looks like she’s a little bit too low to be questing there. I -hate- the 30s and 40s. Ette’s done everything but group quests.. and orange/red quests in STV. Everything in her questlog is orange… and nothing points to a particular zone for more good-level quests. I’m -so- glad 2.3 is adding a quest hub for this level range.

Anyway, Tourguide actually suggested she go back to the Badlands. I’d abandoned the Badlands because the only quests I could find were for Uldaman or group/orange. Tourguide listed a lot more quests that I just hadn’t found.

So I flew to Loch Modan, ran to Badlands and joined the LFG channel for Uldaman. Then I started running around Badlands following Tourguide’s advice. About 20 minutes into it, out of the blue, I got an invite to a group. {cue ominous PUG music}

I hate getting an invite without a whisper. It’s just.. so rude. *sigh* So I joined the pug. Two hunters and a priest. About 3 minutes later the priest dropped out. Lovely. Eventually we got a different Priest and a Shaman. So I asked who’d be tanking.. and the shaman said “One of the pets”. I started to worry a little more.

Hunter 1 seemed to have a fair grasp on his class. Hunter 2.. melee hunter.. who 3/4 of the way through a fight would remember to send his pet against the mob. Uh-huh.

So we head into Uldaman. Hunter 2 is a little bit low for the instance.. and he doesn’t seem to know what to do with his pet.. and he’s trigger happy… so there are a lot of surprise pulls.

I could go into painful detail about the horror of a pug.. but that avoids the point. The point being.. although I wasn’t the worst in the group.. I wasn’t the star either.

So far I’ve only played Ette in solo. Voidwalker runs up to mob.. dot it down, drain life to top off, go onto next mob. I’ve got that down. I’m a mad dotter. Rarr! But.. the pug didn’t need Voidy.. it needed either Imp or Succubus.

I haven’t pulled out either of those (exept for training) since I go the Void Walker. I think I’ve used seduce once.. I definately don’t have it mastered.

Someone asked which pet had better DPS.. I honestly don’t know.

In solo, all of my pulls are relatively controlled. Even when I accidentally get adds.. I know where the are.. I can target them.. I can deal with it.. I can decide to kill them, fear them or run. All controlled.

Suddenly I’m in a misfit raggedy group of people some of whom have no skill… and some of whom are just plain unfamiliar with this alt of theirs. And suddenly I’m doing a job in this group that I’ve never done before.

I had targeting problems.. I had Line of Sight problems… Ette is so freaking short. Gnome vision just makes adjusting your camera that much harder.

Only the Shaman had a threat meter.. so it was very hard to make sure that mob #3 was aggroed on someone before I started dotting him.

At some points we had 7-8 mobs running around uncontrolled. A pet tank attached to a less-than-stellar hunter just can’t make the necessary moves to pick them all up.

I did not cause a wipe.. but I did realize that I need to figure things out.

On the plus side, Ette did ding 42 during the run.

5 thoughts on “Noob, L2Warlock

  1. Ha ha ha! Sounds like fun, in a sadistic sort of way. I was gonna ask if you were following a leveling guide such as James’ Leveling guide… really helps me get through the 30’s and 40’s, but sounds like TourGuide may be something of a substitution for that.

  2. :O pugs are scary. I have never been in one in WoW and hope that will always be the case! Good luck in the future !

  3. My L42 human lock is laying waste to mobs in Tanaris. The yellow ones are so easy to kill that she skins one kill while her VW is banging on another. Every so often she does in an orange mob for the excitement of a closer and more challenging fight. She is the sixth toon I have dispatched to Tanaris at L40.

    Gadgetzan is an excellent base of operations with a number of rewarding quests you can begin immediately. Wildhammer Keep sucks in comparison. The Tanaris loot table seems more generous than that in the Hinterlands and far more profitable than that of STV. PUGs for ZF are easy to find and join when you hit L44 or so. It is a good instance for learning how to best use your Succubus for crowd control. It is a short and relatively easy instance a stone’s throw from Gadgetzan.

    The Hinterlands resembles Hillsbrad and Ashzara in that it has a lot of overlapping patrol mobs aimed at producing surprise adds. Tanaris offers wide, clear fields of view ideal for hunters, locks and others relying on ranged attacks.

    Tanaris is a good place for skinners and enchanters as there are lots of skinnable mobs who drop greens more frequently than any other Azeroth zone I have worked. However, Firebloom and Purple Lotus are the only herbs available. They are good for leveling herbalism but fetch little at the AH.

    I generally wait until L46 before working the Hinterlands.

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