I didn’t log on until later last night.. because I was sewing. Real life, needle and thread sewing.

In fact I’m sewing a linen shirt. I wonder where that puts my RL tailoring skillz..

Anyway. I logged on a 9-ish and the guildies who were on decided to try and tackle a heroic. I support the idea in principle.. but I think we need to do Heroic Underbog a bunch of times until it’s on farm status before we should move onto the next heroic.

As it was we ended up trying Heroic Steamvaults. The bogoverlord hit like trucks.. we decided to skip them. The rest of the trash up to the first boss was not terribly hard. The first boss kicked our butt twice. I think if we’d kept trying we would have gotten her.. but we seemed a little unfocused and instead decided to change over to do Heroic Slave Pens.

I think we got ~5 pulls into it before we decided to call it a night.

Not sure what was up.. everyone just seemed kind of blah.

I -am- noticing a very weird leakage from Ette (my warlock) to Tatia (my paladin). Everytime Tatia’d finish up with a set of mobs I’d look at my mana bar and reach for Ette’s “Life Tap” button. I think I even triggered Seal of Vengeance once. I guess that means I’m seeing “Life Tap” is the uber cool, wish-I-had-it warlock skill that paladins want.

I didn’t run into this problem when we were fighting.. but it happened almost every time after the fight. Very weird.

Seriously… how cool would that be for pally tanking.. life-tap for mana.. get heals that give mana from SA. Very cool.

3 thoughts on “Tailoring…

  1. not to mention from a healing standpoint, you aren’t losing hp that often. Being able to convert it to mp would be a godsend.

  2. hm id say mbe 75/375 tailor irl? still better than me… 🙂

    samownall World of Warcraft Guru

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