Is recruiting bad?

Before I started playing Warcraft I told Fiancee “I have an addictive personality”. He decided to chance it anyway. Since then I believe he’s come to regret involving me in his WoW addiction. He says it’s taken over my life and is preventing me from doing the things I did before. I say I was bored with the things I was doing before and it’s only taking over while it’s more interesting. (I can quit anytime I want too. I just don’t want to).

Regardless… is it ethical to recruit others into my addiction?

I have a friend.. he is what we’d call a WoW groupie. He’s interested in the game.. and has in fact come over to our house to watch us game.. but doesn’t play himself. Knowing what I know of the addictive nature of the game is it wrong for me to try and recruit him into the game?

I have another friend… she’s playing other games.. her husband plays EVE. She says she tried out the game but found it to be “boring. And I died alot”. Should I let it go at that? Or should I invite her to come try it out with us. I’ll admit.. parts of the game are boring.. and I sometimes wonder why I bother (esp with leveling fishing, kill 10 rats) but the people I play with make the game much more interesting.

Fiancee occasionally becomes bored with the game. He also become very frustrated with our guildmates. I want to keep playing.. but I don’t want to seem to drag him back into the game just to please myself. Should I even try?

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  1. Hmmm…why does your fiance get bored? Is it for the same reasons he’s frustrated with guildies?

    What about your friend who “died a lot”? Why? Was she trying to level a holy priest solo? Or maybe a mage, and kept getting too many adds? Did she have anyone to guide her? (Both of the aforementioned can be done, but you need to have an understanding of some game basics first.)

    Hmm…I think I can better answer this in a full-length post. But the short answer is, if they’re adults (i.e., of age and maturity), then recruit away! A lot can be done with a free trial (a lot can’t be done, too!)

  2. Recruiting is fair game. I enjoy Wow quite a bit, but mainly because of my friends there. When the quit Wow (a couple of them have a number of times), it always saddens me because I know I won’t talk to them as much. That said, I respect their decisions when World of War-crack seems to have taken over their lives, and they decide they need to quit.

  3. Recruiting is fair game to anyone thats an adult. Most i do is tell them about the game or show them the game. If they choose to play its up to them really.

    I don’t get bored one bit playing WoW. I just have too much stuff to do in the game as it is and i’m not even ever playing a Alt at all. So i’m not sure just why your fiance gets bored so easily.

    I find all kinds of things to keep my interest in the game. Gearing, unfinished Quests all over the last few zones. Farming for fun or faming herbs. Alchemy is like a game to me withing the game like a mini game supplying the server with pots. How and when can i get bored? Plus i’m busy running instances all the time and i’m guildless as it is.

    If you enjoy the game just play it. If and when he feels the game is of interest to him i’m sure he will pick it up and play. Just leave it up to him to decide on his own when his interest in the game wanes.

  4. Coming from someone who was essentially recruited into the game, I really didn’t pay much attention to WoW until I actually knew people who played it. My situation is quite similar to your friend because I was watching friends play for several weeks before I decided to join in.

    As a matter of fact, before I actually bought the game and really started playing, I tried playing my friend’s alt for a week. During this time, I was able to grasp at least some understanding of what’s going on. For me, it was pretty cool, being my first MMO and all, especially since I was somewhat familiar with the Warcraft franchise and its historical background.

    So I say, for your friend who watches you play, let him try out the game for himself. It doesn’t have to be a starting level 1 character because that might be a bit boring at first. Give him a 20s-40s and let him experience what it’s like, then he can decide for himself if it’s for him. And if he decides to start playing, make a new alt and help him out from time to time.

  5. I believe fiancee gets bored because he was mostly a one-toon guy. He had his rogue. He did all the quests then did all the instances. He has all the tip-top rogue gear you can get until you hit raid instances. He is Revered with everyone and exalted with almost everyone. His progression in the game is stopped.

    He did get a breath of fresh air by playing his hunter. This has helped him enjoy the game more since he has something to do. In a way I’m kind of hopeful that our friends will join because this will give him a reason to roll an alt to level with them.

    The friend who “died alot” listened to a third friend who said “priests are cool” and rolled that as her first toon. The third friend isn’t terribly patient so I get the feeling the newbie was in the starter zone.. on a priest and abandoned to do it on her own.

    She logged on last night.. and we formed a little mini-group to go play with her. At the end she said she had a lot more fun. I’m hopeful that we’ll see more of her.

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