Attuman hates me

I know it’s true. We’ve downed him several times and he continues to drop [item]Worgen Claw Necklace[/item] and silly heal-y leather bracers.


The beatings will continue until the phat lootz are dropped. Oh yes!

We did a quick Attuman run last night. It was mostly painless. We had a couple of “oh I pulled aggro” deaths on the trash.. but the boss fight was perfect.

Ok.. almost perfect. It took a very very long time. I asked and Shaed agreed that our raid was low on DPS. Today I sent out an email asking each person in the raid to identify what they could do to improve their DPS (what gear do you need, what instances do you need to run). The unfortunate outcome of this is going to be that those who have already maximized their DPS are going to say “nothing to improve” and those how haven’t maximized their DPS are going to say nothing.


4 thoughts on “Attuman hates me

  1. Hah! That’s nothing.

    Moroes has yet to drop his lucky pocketwatch for me, and I’ve killed him every week for about 4 months now.

    And I pity anyone looking for the Mongoose enchant off him…. that sucker seems uber rare.

  2. Why is your Raid DPS low though? Is it that people don’t have the required gear to properly DPS in Kara or that they just not performing with either way can mean they also don’t have the proper gear?

    Hopefully sending out the email to ask them helps and helps everyone else and the Raid itself. For the good of the Raid they should all try to find attainable gear that can help them in Kara if they are under geared.

    I’m still working on Pre-Kara. I got good gear to tank there i’m sure. But i’m doing my part to work on my gear and do everything i can do to make sure i have adequate and proper tanking gear for when i get there through questing or from 5man instance.

  3. Was wondering. Looked up your main tank on the armory and seems i’m wearing better gear than your warrior main tank and i’m not even in Kara. What gives.

  4. When you’re a little bitty casual guild that can barely field 10 players.. you take the tanks you have.

    I don’t know anything about the quality of Gongniu’s gear. I do know that for the first few bosses you don’t have to get uncrushable. I don’t know what gear he has on his wishlist. Also, although we’ve been through the first boss in kara a couple of times.. he has yet to drop anything useful for tanking.

    In healing, Shaed requires less healing than Gongniu who requires less healing than Amellea, our druid off-tank.

    Based on your blog I believe you’re plenty geared for Kara. At least for the first two floors. My understanding is once you get past the first three bosses (Attuman, Moroes, Maiden) you need to be uncrushable.

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