Addons: Dot Timers

Warlocking is hard work. Addons make my world spin. Here’s the lowdown on dot timers from my perspective.

I looked at 3 (or 4 depending on how you look at it).


– includes shard counter and management (which I used)
– includes buttons for summons/soul stone/fire stone, etc (which I never used)

– A bit of a memory hog.. esp considering there were features I turned off and didn’t use.
– didn’t show raid icons in the dot timers.
– Not an Ace mod
– doesn’t “notice” when mobs die.. keeps counting down dots on them
– No ghosts as far as I could tell


– Ace mod
– notices when mobs die and kills their timer.
– ghosts

– Jumbled the timers all together.. couldn’t figure out how to separate them into headers.
– didn’t show raid icons


– shows raid icons
– Dots separated out by mob
– notices when mobs die.
– ghosts

– I’ve heard reports that it’s a “spammy” mod and can interfere with Omen. The author says it’s not spammy if you delete/turn off the Communication mod.

Quartz (sort of)

Not really a dot timer. It only shows the dot times of your current target. Not terribly useful in a multi-mob situation.. but nice to see while you’re casting. Which one is this.. how long on spell X?

I’ve decided to go with Dotimer (and eeShards for shard management). I’m hopeful that eliminating the Communication module will eliminate the spammyness and make it so I can use it with Omen.

I -would- really like it if clicking on the “header” caused me to retarget that mob.. but I’m not sure if that’s possible.