Hook.. Line.. Sinker

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a friend who tried out the game but found it to be “boring. And I died alot�. I talked with her, gave her our information (server/ventrillo) and suggested she log on with us for a while.

I also sent her my short description of the game and the classes. She logged in last night and made a new female dwarf hunter, Kikee, on a trial account.

– You can’t give anything to trial accounts. Not money, not gear.. not even lowbie gear. It’s hard to help someone learn the game when you can’t even hand her the level 2 leather pants that would be an upgrade from her newbie starter pants.
– The easiest way to help someone new is to make a toon of their same class and play with them for a while. I did this and found that it was nice to be able to say “this thing you just trained in .. it works like this”. Much better than guessing what they just got.
– Fiancee jokes that I don’t play the game anymore.. I just play my addons. In a way it’s true. Making a new toon is always painful because I have to tweak all my addons to get them to play nice on the new toon. It’s also hard for me to conceive what Kikee’s screen looks like since I have very little of the original game UI left on my screen. 😛
– I know there are people who play the game without any addons.. but there are a few I can’t imagine living without.

Critical Addons:
EquipCompare – When you mouseover an item it shows the tooltip for that item side-by-side with your currently equipped item to make it easy to compare the two.

Omen – I don’t think it’s “critical” until you head into instances.. but if you’re playing a pet class this can make it much easier for you. This helps you to make sure you don’t pull aggro off your pet.

TBag – Inventory Management. This addon arranges your inventory automatically. It groups grey items together, soulbound items.. reagents.. everything in its own little group. Shefki picked up development on this after the original author wandered off. Look for his update to the addon.

Kikee played for about 2 hours. At then end of it she said she’d had a lot more fun with us. I’m hopeful that we’ll see more of her.

7 thoughts on “Hook.. Line.. Sinker

  1. World of Addoncraft FTW!

    Everytime I roll an alt i have to spend an hour doing the same… You should SS what your screen looks like with none of your addons configured right when you start a new toon… I bet it looks as crazy as mine

    If you like EquipCompare, might i suggest Rating Buster? This is one of my favorite equip addons to see numerically just how big of an upgrade that new piece of loot actually is. Not to mention automatic % conversions for things like crit rating, def, res, etc etc. Check it out!

  2. I have RatingBuster.. I LOVE RatingBuster.. BUT the three mods above are the “God, I can’t imagine how to live without these.. I know you’re new to the game.. and you don’t know a tank from a roflcopter.. but really.. get these.. just do it… it’ll make you happier in the end”.

    Even though the numbers from RatingBuster are nice.. at level 10.. they’re eeh.. as she advances.. I’ll slowly lure her into more addons..

  3. I agree with you on that. RatingBuster is definitely better as you move on in levels.

    Now that I think about it, I usually avoid addon discussion until they start to understand the basic mechanics of the game. Especially if this is their first MMO. There’s enough to attempt to grasp as is!

    A really fun way to teach the game I did a while back is to hold a mini lan party with your friends (Internet connection permitting). We did this with our guild made up of all RL friends and 1 guy very new to MMOs. We ran him through WC for the first time with our alts and it was a blast!

    Not to mention how easy it was for him to have a question about something and getting help right there on the spot. Teaching through the chatbox has its limitations… especially with someone not familiar with the terminology.

    At the end of the night, not only did my friend learn more about the game, but as an added affect, I got more interested in the game as well. Something about watching your buddy who previously raised an eyebrow about your hobby all of a sudden get excited and asking questions really makes you appreciate how fun this game can actually be.

    As if I needed more incentive to play… =P

  4. I added Omen yesterday night. It was quite enlightening and surprising how much aggro gain I have from crits. Definitely useful in avoiding pulling aggro off my pet or other people.

  5. @Loronar
    I am -so- glad to hear that this helped you. Now that I use a threat meter all the time I can’t imagine how I played before it.

    I’ve been half tempted when getting into PUGs to refuse to take someone who has no threat meter. It just makes it all so much easier.

  6. Some Addons really do make your life easier. I like my Ag Unit Frame from Ace, OneBag, OneBank, Bartender, Omen, Fubar. Those some my most important addon.

    Did a post earlier. But it would be so nice if everyone at lvl 70 that instance had a Threat Meter installed. Like i said earlier its amazing when i’m tanking just how many people have no Threat Meters installed. I’ve done PuG’s where i’m almost the only one with a Threat Meter for a Addon.

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