Our first ‘raid’ on SSC

How does an uber-casual guild who can only field about 10 players get all the way up to Lady Vashj into Serpent Shrine Caverns? By riding on a raider’s raid-id coat tails.

Gongniu, our regular main tank for Karazhan was -BAD-. Earlier this week he went into Kara on someone else’s raidId. This meant when we went in last night he wasn’t able to come with us. He said ‘but I didn’t think we were going this week, we didnt’ go last week or the week before that’ at which point we reminded him that two weeks ago -his- computer blew up so we couldn’t go. Last week our off-tank had to evacuate his house to be safe from the fires in Souther California.. so last night was really the first time we could have gone in the last two weeks.

ANYWAY. We called out reinforcements. Nightshade is part of our guild but only as a tertiary. He wanted faster and higher progression so most of his toons are in “Infamous” a high-level raiding guild. Nightshade’s warrior, Shaed, hadn’t been into Kara this week so he agreed to main tank for us.

We zipped right up to Attuman and (slowly) beat him like a phat loot pinata.

Afterwards, Nightshade asked us if we wanted to see the inside of SSC on his raid id. Infamous had killed everything up to Lady Vashj and had called it for the week.. 9 hours until raidId is reset. So we skipped right up to her.

Yes, I’m naked in this picture. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

We joked about it for a while.. and then decided the quickest way out of the instance was to just make an attempt on her. She beat us silly without blinking.

I was the next-to-last person to die. I think she back handed me. I think we got her down to 98%. Go us!

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