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Today is addon day.

Tourguide is an addon that helps you find the quests for leveling. It shows an single line of instructions with a icon to tell you what to do. Tekkub, the author, has a fantastic help page over on his site. The addon was just released on Oct 13, 2007 and seems to be under active development.

Example icons:

Here’s a screenshot of Ette questing in STV:

Tourguide, in the upper-right-hand-side, is telling me that I should Complete the Quest “Raptor Mastery part 3”. The Cartographer waypoint arrow on the left-hand side tell me which way to go and how far away it is to this quest. Tourguide also caused the quest text for Raptor Mastery to show up automatically (later I was working on two quests at once and Tourguide caused them both to show up so I knew I was working on two of them).

Mousing over tourguide shows me the “?” text. IE,

“To the Northwest, off the road at (34, 37)”

If you right-click on Tourguide you can see the full list of what it wants you to do.

When you complete a quest it automatically checks it off of Tourguide’s list. I’ve found that sometimes the Cartographer waypoints hang around and have to be manually dismissed.

I think if you started with tourguide it would be a very easy way to navigate through the quests. As it is.. I’m done with some of the quests it would just now have me picking up. Even then, I’ve found it makes navigating the quests very easy.

7 thoughts on “Addon: Tourguide

  1. Nice! I’ve been wondering if there’s something like that. I’ll have to go check it out sometime.

    Also, I like the way your site displays screenshots using Flash. Very convenient way of keeping people on the site, from a web programmer’s point of view. :]

  2. Hmm.. I don’t think it’s flash. I use “LightBox” It’s a simple easy javascript-lett that shows images layered over the current page when you click on images that have the “rel=’lightbox'” tag on them.

    More information here: LightBox

    I went into the WordPress code and templates and tweaked it to use LightBox.. but it looks like there’s now a WordPress plugin to do the same thing.

  3. I am a big fan of Lightheaded… similar but different. Lightheaded + Cartographer arrows tends to make for easy questing on alts.

    How is the quality/amount of guides so far?

    If they load all of Jaime’s guides into TourGuide now that would be something. I could finally get my Warrior alt past 20!

  4. My understanding is the provided guides are based on Brian Knopp’s guide. So far I’ve wizzed from 38-44. Very painless.

  5. Nice addon… seems to me that with this on and active you don’t need to go to Wowhead and switch between Wow and your browser.

    I guess i’ll try to install it and run it… 😛

    and btw 🙂 I have a little warlock gnome… what’s the hat you’re dressing right now? That witchy hat would suit perfectly on my gnome… and i’ve never been able to find it ^^…

  6. Tourguide is mostly about knowing that quests X, Y and Z all occur in this same area.. and picking them up and doing them in an efficient manner.. instead of picking up X, finishing X, picking up Y, going back to the area where you did X and doing Y… It’s all about the efficiency.

    This coupled with Lightheaded would be wonderful. I’m contemplating installing Lightheaded.. but haven’t yet.

    The Hat is the Dread Mage Hat which alliance toons can pick up at ~30 from a quest in the Stormwind basement.

    The hat is actually in my “Riding” outfit and only shows up when I’m mounted. When unmounted I have higher level head gear.. but I’m -so- keeping it for the looks.

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