Steamvaults run called on account of soup

Twice this weekend Tatia was called on to DPS in a dungeon run. Yes, you read it right. Tatia the holy pally donned her +spell set and went to town with her big (not yet enchanted 🙁 ) two-hander in a DPS role. I cranked out about a whopping 277 DPS. I found that the hardest part was holding off…

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Bawk Bawk @ Uldaman

Our horde-side guild did a run through Uldaman. It went relatively painless. Illyah, my protection paladin, has really great tanking gear.. but it’s -crap- for mana. It had a total of +2 to int. This means that after EVERY SINGLE pull I was drinking and half way through any big pull I was out of mana. Sounds like time to…

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Heroic Underbog Strategy

From my experience so far, Underbog is the easiest Heroic (compared with Ramparts and Blood Furnace). We found the following to be most sucessful. Simple notes so I don’t forget. I believe these methods would work in non-heroic Underbog.