Pirates Beware!

I had the pleasant surprise of being over powered last night. It was new and exciting. Of course I was playing Ette, my warlock. Someday I’d like to feel overpowered on my Paladin.

Ette’s following Tourguide and just got sent to Tanaris. She picked up a bunch of quests and started whaling on Thieves and Brigands. At the same time she was on the lookout for Caliph Somebody-or-other. Ette’s level 43 and was easily killing level 44 thieves. In the middle of a fight I spotted Caliph running across the desert. It was Caliph and one of his body guards. It looked like they’d just killed someone and were resetting on their normal route.

Ette and Minion continued to kill level 42 Thief as Caliph and body guard ran across the desert. Caliph is quickly walking away. I don’t want to lose him. Thief died. Clicked on Caliph. Sent minion. Then noticed that Caliph is orange to me.. and pet was only at 1/2 health. Instantly think “Oops, should have had minion suck shadows back to full health before sending him in. Oh well.. I’ll just kill Caliph and then run away.”

I killed Caliph.. and then his body guard.. and then the two additional mobs that had added in the middle of the fight. When the smoke cleared there were five bodies scattered around me.. all sparkling. Rawr!

Oh.. I also had the good luck this morning to find not one, but two Warlock blogs. AND they actually seem to be active.

Added to Blogroll:
Liquid Silver
Yet Another Warlock Nerf

I look forward to seeing good things from them.

2 thoughts on “Pirates Beware!

  1. My L42 lock has been laying waste to everything in sight in Tanaris. She skins one mob while her VW is tanking another. On the rare occasion she bites off more than she can chew, a Swiftness Potion easily gets her to safety. Of the five classes I have taken through Tanaris, warlock is by far the most powerful.

  2. *waves*
    Didn’t see you come by.
    *tidies up the place*
    I am no theory crafter. I hope I am mildly helpful. Or just as good mildly entertaining.
    Stop by and say hi anytime.

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