Lovin’ for the Ret

So Blizzard is updating Fanaticism so that the threat reduction is only active when Righteous Fury is -not- up… Yeah for all those Ret tanks.

I wonder if that means that if you’re Ret.. and your Righteous Fury drops in the middle of the fight.. I guess you spiral wildly down the aggro list.

1 thought on “Lovin’ for the Ret

  1. I dunno how it is for Holy Paladins but having always leveled with Prot… I am pretty fanatical about keeping Righteous Fury up. Plus that 30 min timer means you never have to refresh it during a fight unlike Blessings. Thank god they upped blessings to 10 minutes!

    If the Rettank forgets to keep his Righteous Fury up… then he deserves to be beaten up. 🙂

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