Dailies and Mech

I almost did dailies yesterday.

I’ve been trying to do dailies in the evening. The problem is I can’t log on until 7.. and by then everyone’s ready to start something. So I put them off until the end of the night.. but the last run through the instance usually ends at 11:30-12:30 and by then I just want to go to bed.. no Zimon says.

I’m resolved that after daylight savings this weekend I’m going to start doing dailies in the morning. I figure the shake-up with the clock will confuse my body enough that getting up at 6am to play Zimon says won’t seem at all strange. We’ll see how that works out.

Last night I logged on later than normal. The guild already had fielded a full group into Botanica. I decided to do my dailies and flew out to Allerian Stronghold and started on my bombing runs. Fiancee logged on his hunter (who had already completed his dailies that morning) and invited me to group with him. He then got us invited into a Mechanar pug. So at 13/20 eggs destroyed I got summoned out to Cosmowrench.

This turned out to be the fastest Mechanar run I’d ever been on. The instance was one long (almost) uninterrupted pull. The tank was very very fast and unless I called out for a drink break he didn’t slow down. That was the good part.

A pug can’t be all good.. we also had a hunter who didn’t use his pet. I don’t know why he bothered to have a pet. It was a warp stalker.. and 100% of the time it stood by his side. At one point, after one pull and before the next I typed in /p “why is only one hunter pet attacking?”. The hunter responded that in instanced he didn’t just throw his pet into the fray.. and instead held him back for emergencies. Uh-huh. Not impressed. The -only- time I saw his pet attack was when something aggroed on the hunter. Other than that it was a great big huge vanity pet. It got no heals. Yes, that was petty of me.. but damnit it wasn’t contributing and I couldn’t be bothered to waste mana on it. When fighting the fire-boss-lady the hunter stood too close to a fire elemental and the pet took ALOT of fire damage. The hunter just kept on standing there and didn’t notice. I was unimpressed.

The whole run through Mechanar took almost exactly 1 hour. I had to refresh the blessings once.. and when we ended I had 2 mins left on my blessing.

Intent on working on my dailies I then flew off to Sylvanaar. Fiancee got us into another Mechanar group. So again I got summoned to Cosmowrench.

This group wasn’t as fast as the first one. The tank seemed to be fairly unskilled but enthusiastic. I think it took us about 1.5 hours to get through the instance. We had one wipe when we accidentally pulled the fire-boss-lady before we’d cleared all the mobs in front of her.

Fiancee got his Beast Lord Helm. I got rep. I’m about 2k away from Revered with those guys. Soon: 3-badge Heroic runs.

When the run ended it was 12:30. So I just logged off and went to bed. *sigh* no dailies.

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  1. I have a couple guildies that will pull like that tank. Man, I love doing 5-mans with them. Heck, they even make Karazan go a heck of a lot faster.

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