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I think WoW needs to take lessons from EBay. Especially now when anyone can change their names willy-nilly. Users should have some way to rate their fellow players. Or at least make notes about them.

I don’t want to -ignore- him.. but I do want to add a note to bad-hunter from last night’s Mech so I know why I should hesitate to group with him. Ignore is too heavy handed. Aside from not using his pet and being kind of oblivious.. he seems a relatively ok hunter.

I’m sure there are addons for things like this.. I just haven’t yet felt the need to search them out. The addons would probably work for me to keep notes about toons.. but it wouldn’t allow me to look up a toon and see what others have said about them.

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  1. *grin* That’s what the official server boards are for…and I’m being 100% facetious. They’re worse (if that’s possible) than the class boards!

    Heheh…my antispam word is “kek”. What happens if I were to type “lol”??

  2. When i played Secondlife before i started to play WoW the game had a Player Profile rating where you can rate a player in a few catagories which affected the player profile itself as you can see the numbers. So you could rate someone as been a great Builder and such. It would cost you a small sum of money to rate someone profile either way.

    Over time its got abused a lot with some players getting very negative rating and other things and in the end Linden Labs removed the profile ratings all together. So you cant rate people there anymore. But the idea was a good one in he beginning it just got abused by the population. The cool thing you could do with your profile though was add things to your clickable profile and update and change stuff on it so its never generic.

  3. I’ll agree with Galo on this one. A ratings system like that would most definitely get abused to hell and back. The closest thing to it would be the Arena personal ratings, but that’s exclusively arenability only.

  4. Something like this would be really handy, I think, but I agree it would probably get abused. Some spiteful panhandler in Orgrimmar would flood everyone with bad ratings just for not giving them gold. Might be handy if you could only rate someone upon being partied with them for a certain amount of time though.

    For my personal reference, I have a Do-Not-Party list by my computer, with notes on what turned me off about the person. Seems to grow longer with every pug, so I’m probably going to have to come up with another solution soon. It does look like there are some addons out there, including some where you can share your ratings with other players who have the addon. Interesting…

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