Tempest Keep Revered

This was the weekend of instancing. I think I did three full runs of Shattered halls, one run of Mechanar and one full Black Morass. Additionally Ette, my warlock, finally hit 45.

Fiancee was after.. um.. idaknow.. probably something Beast Lord-y that drops in Shattered Halls. Through the runs I picked up [item]Lightsworn Hammer[/item]. It’s a nice replacement for the [item]The Essence Focuser[/item] I picked up off the Auction House a while back. That said, when I get exalted with Sha’tar I’ll replace this new hammer with [item]Gavel of Pure Light[/item]. It’s not much of an upgrade.. I’d really rather replace it with Maiden’s weapon.. but we’d have to be able to kill her first. (…) I also picked up [item]Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon – Savagery[/item].

Speaking of Sha’tar…

In the Mechanar run I finally made revered with Tempest Keep. It seems almost silly to keep striving for Revered when 2.3 will make heroic keys accessible to Honored.. but eeeh.. it’s better than just sitting on my hands. That and I guess I want exalted for the pretty gavel.

Right now Lower City is the only faction I still need in order to get the heroic keys. Add to that, they have goodies for me at exalted.. I’ll be running those for a while.

We did the Black Morass run to get two more guildie’s keys. Our setup was unconventional. We had Pheefee the warrior tank on the Keepers/Lords at the portals. I, Tatia the holy Pally healed her. Baldwyne the protection spec pally tanking all of the adds. Krullwyn, the hunter, helped Baldwyne kill off the adds and Fynriss, the hunter, helped DPS the keepers/lords.

It went really well (I attribute some of this to our good luck in getting mostly melee lords at the portals).. but I would have liked the kills to get faster so I’d’ve had more time to drink between portals. Anyway… 18 portals slam dunked. Key fragments achieved.

I was also -finally- able to get my enchanting up to 350. In fact after I finished enchanting (thanks Grimr) I hit 352! Go me. Hitting 350 allowed me to learn -four- recipes I had waiting for me in the bank (and one more that I didn’t know I needed and had to fly to HFP to pick up([item]Runed Adamantite Rod[/item])). Uber thrilled about that.

To do:
– Shadow Labs to Revered to get heroic key and to get [item]Lower City Prayerbook[/item]
– Heroic TK to Exalted to get [item]Gavel of Pure Light[/item] and [item]Formula: Enchant Ring – Healing Power[/item]
– Need Primal Life for healing enchants. Must farm.

4 thoughts on “Tempest Keep Revered

  1. I’m Exalted with Sha’tar. I picked up my uber shield when i got exalted and a few other things recipes i think. I guess if you run Botanica a few times you get there much quicker.

    Just like you only Heroic Key not as yet obtained is with Lower City so its the last one for me. I’m glad in 2.3 we get to run SH to exalted vs SL. Don’t have any love at all for running SL.

  2. Personally I prefer the mage types in BM — they drop a lot faster, giving you more drinking time. They do take some extra healing though. You’re cycling your auras, right? Shadow for the ‘lock types, fire for the mages (they fire and frost but the pyroblast is definately their most dangerous move), devotion for the melee and rouge types? Takes some of the hurt out of the casters.

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