Chain Trapping

I am not an authority.. I am an utter NOOB hunter. If you want authority go bug BRK.

The problem with chain trapping is the the length of the cooldown is longer than the length of the effect. So unless you can put 10 seconds+ of running space between you and your victim, he’s eventually going to hit you. The cool thing is you can keep him from hitting you for quite a while.

Freezing Trap
Only one trap can be down at a time. Instant cast with 2 second arming time
30 second cooldown. Unsprung Trap exists for 60 seconds.
Sprung Trap exists for 0-20 seconds (I really don’t know what the resist is based on.. maybe mob vs your +hit)

You can cast Distracting shot on the trapped mob without breaking the trap.
When you pull the mob into the trap you need to make sure you don’t autoshoot it.

A simple pulling macro:

/cast Distracting Shot


Lay trap. Wait for cooldown to be totally gone.
Pull mob using macro to make sure auto-shoot is off.
**Mob hits trap. You have 0-20 seconds before the mob starts chasing you again.
Lay a new trap. 2 seconds to set then 30 second cooldown.
At ~10 seconds left on your cooldown, the last trap will break and the mob will come chasing after you and hit the new trap.
If you are positioned >10 seconds away from trap #1 then the mob will hit your trap just as your cooldown is ready.
Repeat from **

Eventually you will run out of time. Hopefully before that occurs you or your party will be able to deal with that mob.