Kara again

Guild night. We started by slam dunking Black Morass to get Shoktul his last bit for the Kara Key. We buzzed right through all of the portals and I didn’t even notice a time-stop on the last boss. It was very painless.

Then at 9PM we ran off to Kara for the guild run. Raouen is packing to move so she allowed Shoktul to take her place. We were: Gongniu (Warrior MT), Amellea (Druid OT), Tatia (MTH), Zynnia (OTH), Ireena (Shadow Priest), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Sibiy (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (MM Hunter), Datgothh (Mage), and Shoktul (Boomkin).

*sigh* and I’m a monkey dumb-ass. I completely forgot to turn on /combatlog so I could try out WWS.. AND I forgot to get a screenshot to show my new-and-improved UI in a raid. *sigh*.

Regardless, we buzzed right through Attuman. We can officially say we “get” that fight. Then we moved onto Moroes. We’re still at the “hey, what if we try this…” phase of the fight. We’ve gotten him down twice.. but it’s not a sure thing yet. Last night we didn’t win. At 11:30 we started to have re-pop so we called it (after killing 4 more spiders to get reputation for a couple people). Tatia is now Revered.

I think we have a better grasp on the Maiden fight than the Moroes fight. We’ll try again next Monday (this Wednesday everyone begged off because of the Holiday).

No phat loots for Tatia.. but at least this time I got a Void Crystal. Seriously.. we’ve been going here for how long.. and still I haven’t gotten a single drop.. Not even a “well I’ll put it in my off-set”. Not a damn thing. Kara hates me… it’s ok though.. I hate it back.

3 thoughts on “Kara again

  1. As long as the Moroes party guests and your raid composition keep changing, there’s always a “hey, what if we try this…” factor. In my runs, CC has ranged from 3 shackles and a pasting of the shadow priest — pretty much textbook run — to things like last night where my frost mage was kiting the warriors around with the help of rogue and druid stuns while we killed them (the warriors, that is, not the rogues and druid, well, mostly). I’ve used chains of turn undead, plus some off-tanking on my paladin. I’ve had multiple hunters criss-crossing the room with freezing traps. You name it, I’ve used it. You work with the tools you have on any given run.

    That is both the fun and the frustration of the Moroes fight. Other than the repair bills, I like doing that one with “bad” raid composition.

    If you have a pally healer in the group, Maiden is very formulaic. Make the pally MT healer. Pally does NOTHING but heal MT and keep BoSac on MT. Priests cleanse the holy DoT and keep HoT on pally to cover damage from BoSac. Pally chugs super mana every time CD is up. Once you get over the initial ouch! of meeting her, she’s much easier than Moroes.

  2. Maiden is easier than Moroes. And remember Pallys can cleanse Holy Fire too, as can Shaman grounding totems. Keep Holy Fire cleansed + stay awake during repentance = win.

    Moroes’ adds are so unpredicatable (and annoyingly tend to break out of cc) that they can still wipe a group that has him on farm status. Rule number one is two tanks on Moroes (or he ganks a healer as soon as he blinds the tank) and keep ’em cleansed. Then its just dealing with the adds. The Ret Pally and MS Warrior adds hit like trains with fricking lasers on their heads, and can cause a wipe if they break cc and then break their cc’er. And the Shadow Priest can wipe you if she drains a healers mana — best to reset things if ithat hapens and try again. And the healers can’t be allowed to heal Moroes or things just go too long. Remember that Pallys can self-bubble out of garrote, BoP others, and dwarves can stoneform. If you get lucky you can keep the raid garrote free.

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