Alt-ing around

Knowing that we were planning a long day in Kara on Sunday.. and knowing that I was already prepped and ready to go on Tatia.. I opt to play Lilac, my warlock, on Saturday instead.

Lilac is making good progress. She’s just moved from Searing Gorge to Un’Goro Crater. Dinosaur killing is going well. Near the end of the day she hit 53 while pugging Dire Maul East (got a whisper invite for this out-of-the-blue while questing in Un’Goro). Group was Pally Tank, Shaman Healer, Shadow Priest, Zaramina (Guildie Mage), and Lilac (ME! Aff Warlock). At level 52 Lilac was a little low for the run.. and I found a lot of my spells were being resisted. I definitely need to spend more time figuring out DPS in a group. I thought I had it figured out.. curse dot dot dot tap tap, drain life, shadow bolt.. but my DPS was very low.. and the drain life was never really necessary since the healer would top me off as soon as I tapped. For curses, I used Curse of Shadow to help my +hit (and the shadow priest’s damage and the mage’s +arcane hit/damage). The run ended when the shadow priest had to go and I had some bug that wouldn’t let them Rez me. Lilac got [item]Lethtendris’s Wand[/item] and [item]Bonecaster’s Boots[/item] of the Eagle. So, for me, it was a successful run.

On Sunday, after the Kara run, I convinced fiancee to play his little bitty bear and tank a lowbie guild group into RFK so Nocc my hunter could get one of the armored pigs for her new pet. We were: Hvitabiôrn (Druid Tank), Khoss (Shaman Healer), Nocc (BM Hunter), Svetmira (Shadow Priest) and Throgtda (Rogue).

The run was a total success and Nocc ended the weekend at 29 with a new as-of-yet-unnamed Boar pet (black with silver/blue armor).

I need to spend more time thinking about the button layout/mappings for Nocc. Trapping is going fairly well.. but I’m having a lot of problems getting past the second freezing trap.

The following is very boring written brainstorming. Please feel free to skip.

My standard UI only has 20 buttons showing. These buttons are mapped to my Nostromo N52 game pad. The top 10 of those buttons are easily accessible. The bottom 10 are accessed by holding shift (less easy to access) or by clicking them. I usually use the “shift” buttons for seldom used things.. or things where I want to watch a cooldown. “Under” this set of buttons is the CRTL set (when I hold down CTRL the 20 buttons showing change to a completely different set of 20 buttons). Although 20 buttons show, only 10 are actually accessible without mouse clicks. There’s also another 20 buttons that show up when I push ALT. ALT is very hard to push so it’s used for non-combat things. I’m thinking about the following button setups

5 Send Pet/Hunter’s mark/recall pet
4 Scorpid Sting(in group)
3 Arcane shot
2 multi-shot
1 Sperpent Sting(in Solo)

0 Disengage
9 Wing clip
8 Feign Death (@30)
7 Concussive shot
6 Rapid Fire (not sure how to deal with this)(I think I”ll add it to an arcane shot macro.. and plan to slap the macro twice when this needs to be cast)(this may then move to the shift keys)

shift 5 Raptor strike
shift 4 Mongoose Bite
shift 3 Scare Beast(???)

ctrl 5 Distracting shot on focus
ctrl 4 Arcane shot on focus
ctrl 3 shoot once on focus
ctrl 2 Concussive shot on focus

ctrl 0 mend pet
ctrl 9 Freezing trap
ctrl 8 immolation trap
ctrl 7 frost trap

alt Eyes of the Beast
alt Revive Pet
alt Call Pet
alt Dismiss pet
alt Train Beast
alt Eagle Eye (??)
alt Beast Lore(??)

shift+right click [help] Gift of the Naaru
shift+left click [help] Gift of the Naaru
ctrl +left click /focus [target=mouseover]

I have another button on a hidden bar that is used to clear my focus.