Best wipe ever

So.. we’re in Kara.. and we’re working on the room with the (humanoid) warlocks (who can’t be sheeped) and humunoculous (large imp looking things). We started the fight and I came into the room and then slid to the right so I could stay at range and heal. We get 1-2 of the mobs down when I’m suddenly attacked from behind by a shade on the ramp. (keep in mind, I’m at the bottom of the ramp.. and on each landing of the ramp there’s 4 shades leading up to Aran).

The Shade attacks and the tank picks him up. We get all but one of the humunoculous down when suddenly a massive wave of shades decends on us. There must have been 11-15 of them. They all stream into the room amid cries of “WTF?” We wipe.

I had read about this on the forums. It seems one of the shades in the upper reaches of Kara has a bug that causes him to go on walk-about. When he aggroed on us he also sent a radio signal up to his brother pack of shades and told them to come quick. The brother pack of three headed down the stairs.. and grabbed ALL THE OTHER SHADES on the way down! Rawr, splat!

It was a spectacularly amusing wipe. Sure enough.. when we got there, on the last room full of shades there were only three shades waiting for us.

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  1. Hmm… a bug you say? So, maybe I should give back all the DKP I took away from people that night. Yes, I’m kidding. But it was kinda fun/scary to see all these shades come at us for no apparent reason.

  2. We had the same thing happen pretty recently. We had just taken Aran down, and when we walked out of his study, all the shades in Kara attacked. Another time in the last few weeks, we were doing the Opera event when the entire audience rushed the stage. Now I tend to go through the audience and kill them all rather than going around them, just in case. The people who aren’t exalted tend to like the shower of rep from those groups anyway.

  3. Wow that really sounds like a spectacular wipe. I’m not sure just what a shade looks like since haven’t being there as yet. So only thing I was thinking in my mind here is seem like that would be a fun fest maybe for a Paladin if they are not all casters those things. Just a thought really.

  4. We have seen all the shades attack, the audience rush the stage during Opera, a skeletal usher rush the stage and ice block the tank, but the weirdest was the night the curtain kept coming down in the middle of the Oz event (the mobs were still there, but now the healers were on the other side and Barnes reset).
    Glad it happens to other people too, thought we were just ‘special’.

  5. Sounds like it was a blast. How was it compared to say.. the ol’ “let’s pull every single troll+orc in LBRS while fighting one pack of mobs on a bridge near the start of the instance” pull?

  6. … Dunno.. LBRS is before my time 😉 I didn’t start playing until BC had been out for a month.. by then there wasn’t really much call to run LBRS

  7. So far that’s happened to my guild twice. For those who haven’t been to Kara, there are four pulls of four shades each beyond the room that Nibuca’s referring to. For some reason, one of the Shades from the farthest room goes wandering (it seems to hug the left wall, which may be a clue to where it’s going and thus the bug). The catch is that each pack of Shades links with each other, no matter the distance. This causes the far pack to come rushing to the rescue of the one you’ve aggroed, linking the other three packs of four shades. So even if you down that one shade before the rest arrive that’s fifteen(!) shades all looking at you angrily. Woo!

    Minor note: If you have a hunter in the raid, for the Warlock and Imp room, just have everyone go up and around the corner in the previous room and have the hunter Misdirect-Pull them onto a tank. It’s a relatively painless way to pull them all, allowing for easy AOEing. Obviously, Fire Resist aura is full of goodness for them.

  8. This reminds me of the old wipes in Karazhan where seed of corruption would go through walls and pull mobs through walls.

  9. A couple of weeks ago we were just starting to pull the skeletal ushers on the way to the opera. We pulled the first two and because of that whole “freeze the first target go to the second” thing, we had two clothies down. We had just rezzed them and were in the middle of buffing when out of nowhere we got attacked by a pack of bats.

    Our tanks had gone AFK while we were buffing the clothies so we had a group of eight with no tanks and one of our healers at no health and no mana we didn’t have chance.

    I know they came from two floors down at the Animal boss but I have no idea how we pulled them.

  10. Had the same thing happen after a wipe of Shade, were running back and the round room with the arcane guys was empty except one random ghost, we thought it might have been one we missed in the room until one of the group noticed all the ghosts from after Shades room coming down the ramp. Thank god I have FD.

  11. We had something happen with the shades as well.

    We left Aran, and headed up the ramp and made the pull of the 4 shades there. That pull went fine, and was going to go into the room and sit at the back, drink up and look for books. Well all of the sudden a shade popped up RIGHT in the doorway and when he aggro’d he pulled the other 4 shades in the back of the room with him. We thought it was just us.. guess not. We cleanly cleared the first 4 pull, and this guy was some how linked to the back 4, making it a 5 pull. My other paly healer and I were quick on the turn undead and got things under control.

  12. We used to have problems with the polka dancers in the beginning where a lock would seed them up and somehow the booms would aggro through walls and ceilings and we’d have packs coming out of nowhere. Strangely they wouldn’t snag everyone on the way.

    Also had problems with the pet aggression bug in there where we’d just wiped on maiden and somebody rezzed the hunters pet. It promptly charged back in to her cankles and she scolded and stomped on the five people up.

    Pre-BC we had our GL mage hit blink instead of drink during dog packs in MC and our MT “ummm forgot” his ony cloak and couldn’t figure out why he was so hard to heal on a certain BWL run.

  13. Ah, it’s a bug. Good to know, we were wondering where all those shades came from. Yes, it happened to us too.

  14. The same thing happened to our fateful run last night. While in the large circular room just before aran, our pally-tank sat down to refresh mana. Suddenly, a shade appeared and rushed him, which we easily dropped. All he said was ‘I didn’t see that one.’ After a few seconds, he jumped back on vent and reminded me of the bug I told him about a few weeks back. I was the only other person to have read it. 15 shades later, we’re tossing DI’s like they’re candy, praying invisibility will kick in.

    Luckily, it was the only time we saw them.

  15. Recently, on the ramp up from the Chess event to Prince, we’ve been bombarded by random arcane missile type spells. It’s really inexplicable, but it hasn’t killed anyone yet.

  16. We were all ready to do shade waiting in his door, one of our rogues went afk in the room before and we were waiting on him. Looking at my raid frames, I saw his health quickly go down. I ran back and saw a Spell Shade slowy walking back up the ramp towards the sorcerous shade pulls. It was like out of a movie. He was alike a hitman and has killed his target. I rofled for the rest of that night.

  17. Hmm

    Old school wipe was me in Scholo….

    Taking someone through with my 70 Lock so they could finish a few quests and pick up some gear, I discovered the bug with SoC unknowlingly….

    I was successful in pulling the entire basement of zombies and somehow also pulled Rattlegore and all his boney pals….

    Needless to say, the person I was escorting sorta died laughing her ass off as I just mumbled bitter thoughts to myselff…


  18. Yeap, this happened to us last night too, twice during Little red riding hood, we thought that a hunters ranged shot or a AOE either was in range of the audience, so 3rd time we fought as close to the back wall as possible, and we got through fine. Will post screenshot later..

  19. It takes talent to wipe a 20 man… and I have 5/5 in Raid Wiping !

    Many moons ago (pre BC), we had killed Kurinnaxx (the first boss of AQ20) for the second or third time and while dispensing loot with some members of the raid AFK I was tired of jumping my mount off the back wall and decided to “go recon” ahead with the Eye of Kilrog.

    After passing a few mobs and entering the next big room I notice Rajaxx (second boss in AQ20). At this point in time the eye should not agro mobs, this is when it was still a “stealth” unit. And even if it did the distance from the eye to me was far beyond LOS. Anyway just as most people were returning from being AFK I decided to take a closer look at Mr. Rajaxx. What happened next was unintentional and not my fault.

    Rajaxx yelled and ALL waves, including Rajaxx himself, came running over to greet our raid. Yep… EVERY mob in the Rajaxx encounter pulled with one little Eye Of Kilrog, to a chorus of “WTF” and a mad scramble for the door (which was behind locked doors). Nobody lived… but everybody laughed (well eventually). Soon after someone from the raid was researching the encounter and the very first post was “Don’t use the eye to scout”.

    Ahh… good times, good times.

  20. Haha,

    Thats explains a couple of things I had a few weeks back. It was a friday night fun run on Kara, and I’d had a few beers so all seemed a bit sureal anyway.

    First off, we were buffing before Aran and I had gone AFK a little distance away to grab a beer, wee etc whilst someone did a corpse run after being AFK. I cam back to find my corpse and a glimpse of something disappearing into the distance just like Eric described. I was confused, now I know what happened.

    On that same run we also had a huge influx of mobs and the ensuring WTFs but a quick recovery, some pally fearing and a bit of luck got us through it.

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