Two more guild firsts

The name of the game is “Progression” and we have it.

We setup a special raid on Sunday to push into more new content. We were Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Amellea (Druid Tank), Tatia (Paladin Healer), Zynnia (Priest Healer), Weaver (Priest Healer), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Sibiy (BM Hunter), Daegothh (Mage), Spiralla (Shaman), Krullwyn (MM Hunter)(for the first 1/3 of the run) and Ireena (Shadow Priest)(for the last 2/3 of the run). (WWS of run) We started at 10AM PST and ended at 5PM PST.

WWS says we took 5 tries to get the Shade of Aran.. but I don’t count two of those. On one Spiralla pulled while trying to res the rest of the party.. and on the other.. dunno.. just doesn’t seem like a “real” attempt. We ended up having to clear the trash up to Ara twice as we had respawn after our second or third attempt. So we took Aran out on the fifth try. On our first try we got to the mass sheeping.. but we had all the elementals up at the time.. so it was a quick fireball/wipe. At the end, when we finally beat him, I was getting a good feel for the fight. That said, as shown by the screenshot, there were only 4 of us standing when Aran finally died.

Aran dropped [item]Mantle of the Mind Flayer[/item] (Ireena ?) and [item]Rapscallion Boots[/item] (Shard).

Then we (again) beat Chess. In the chest we found: [item]Triptych Shield of the Ancients[/item] (Tatia! Yeah!) and [item]Battlescar Boots[/item] (Tatia, paid a shard since they’re for an off-set).

Full of vinegar we practically ran upstairs to throw ourselves at Prince. WWS shows that we made 5 attempts before getting him. That sounds right. As with any description of the Prince fight.. it was infernal placement that got us in almost all of the lost attempts. Though we did have a little trouble with some people not getting out of range when they were enfeebled.

In our last attempt, we got Prince to 2% and then had an Infernal drop between the Healers and the Tank. Gongniu died to Prince’s damage at almost the same time that we killed him. Many Kudos to Daegothh for bravely rushing into the Infernal’s Hellfire so that he could continue to DPS Prince (Daegothh died.. but it was for a good cause).

Prince dropped [item]Nathrezim Mindblade[/item] (Spiralla), [item]Jade Ring of the Everliving[/item] (Weaver), and [item]Helm of the Fallen Champion[/item] (Tatia!!!).

Yes, I am a fat rat. Tatia now has both her T4 hands and helm and a spiffy new shield. (which reminds me.. need to get helm enchant again). It was a very good run. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to field this group one more time for our first tries at Illhoof, Nightbane and Nethersprite before the reset (and more importantly, before everyone scatters to the winds for the Holiday).

2 thoughts on “Two more guild firsts

  1. Wow! That’s awesome. You guys are progressing much more rapidly than my guild did. Congratulations. DoTs and melee dps are great for the Aran fight. It’s a real pain for my pally healer and my mage because of all the running around.

    When we took out the Prince, the only survivor was the druid tank. The second-to-last survivor was a warlock whose last act of defiance was fatally DoTing Prince, and I think the third-to-last was my pally, who barely kept them alive long enough to do that.

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