Guild First: Terestian Illhoof

Considering that last week the furthest we’d ever gotten in Kara was the Opera event.. I think we’ve done fantastic at progression this week. Last night was our last try before the reset. We were Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Amellea (Druid Tank), Tatia (Holy Paladin), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Daegothh (Mage), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (MM Hunter), Sibiy (BM Hunter), Spiralla (Shaman) and Ireena (Shadow Priest) for the first 11% and then Weaver (Holy Priest) for the last 85%. (WWS: Tatia’s perspective, Weaver’s perspective)

I’m only going to say this once. NO, WE DO NOT HAVE A WARLOCK AND YES WE REALIZE THEY HELP IN SOME PLACES LIKE ILLHOOF. As we approached Illhoof Spirella and Weaver both commented repeatedly how easy the event is with a Warlock. *sigh*. None of the 70 guild warlocks are keyed for Kara. So anyway!

Illhoof and his sidekick Kil’rek are in this room. You engage them. Tank takes Illhoof and off-tank takes Kil’rek. Everyone DPS Kil’Rek. Kil’Rek respawns 45 seconds after he’s killed. Illhoof summons lots and lots and lots of squishy imps. =If= you have a warlock he puts Seed of Corruption on the imps and they explode in a perfectly beautiful manner. If you don’t have a warlock.. then you get the mage to AOE the imps.

Occasionally Illhoof sacrifices and chains someone. The chains have to be DPSed to get rid of them. The person in the chains can’t do anything and is taking massive amounts of damage. Heals on the chained person also heal Illhoof. Mage Iceblock and Pally bubble clears chains but BoP does not. Druids can use Barkskin to limit their damage.

Holy Wrath does about 1k damage to all the demons in the rooms. I got to fire it off twice and did 31k damage. Since the mage was doing AOE I wasn’t real worried about pulling aggro.

We got him down on our forth try. He dropped [item]Fool’s Bane[/item] (Shard) and [item]Breastplate of the Lightbinder[/item] (Tatia!)(I did mention I’m a fat rat this week right?)

Netherspite is byfar the hardest fight I’ve ever been in. I’m not going to describe it.. there are plenty of strategy sites that do that.. our closest last night was 4% where he enraged. We’d lost lots of people during the fight and just didn’t have the DPS to get him before the 10 minute mark.

Personally I’m finding the whole red-beam thing very hard. I think there was exactly one time last night where I took the red beam and didn’t die from it. We were swapping the red beam between Tatia, Gongni and Amellea and constantly found that when it was time for the next person to take the beam we didn’t have anyone available who didn’t have the debuff (at which point I died from the beam). Ah well.

It looks like this is the last full raid before we scatter to the winds for the holidays.. so I don’t expect anymore progress until January.

Still.. from this clear of Kara I got T4 gloves, T4 helm, matching shield and the chestpiece. It was a good week to be Tatia. Kara loves me.. and I love it back. (though I plan to continue to beat it like a pinata until it drops the rest of my gear 😀 )

2 thoughts on “Guild First: Terestian Illhoof

  1. Grats on the Illhoof kill. Yes, a Warlock helps but as you’ve shown it’s not required. Other options include:

    *An Arms Warrior whirlwinding the adds
    *A Paladin Tank AoE tanking the Boss, Kri’lek and all the summoned imps. (Note, he will need a lot of healing and it’s still useful if an OT in DPS gear takes Kri’lek to prevent the Tankadin getting the +fire damage debuff).

    As for Netherspite, it’s still my least favourite fight in the instance. We usually leave him for last and will only attempt him if we’re in a good mood after the Prince is dead.

    As far as Red Beams go, try to have two teams of two for it. One tanky type to stay in the beam for most of the phase and one to take it for the last little bit. A Hunter, Shaman or even a Rogue using Evasion can take over if the main beam tank has too many stacks. Then in the next portal phase, the second team goes in and does the same.

    The other trick is to try beam-dancing. Basically, take a few stacks, then go out of the beam. Dive back in when you’ve taken some damage from him (the beam will heal you to full), then dive out after a few stacks and repeat. It takes some practise, but in that way one person can take a red beam for an entire portal phase.

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