Azerothian Ecological and Biological observances

Why? Because I think about weird crap when I’m bored.

Ecological:Azeroth is at least twice as big as the map we see. I’m not talking about Northrend. Technically that would fall into the northern “fridgid” zone. I’m talking about the fact that the southern tip if Kalmidor is a desert.. and the southern tip of the eastern continent is a hot steamy jungle. This implies that Booty Bay.. and Tanaris are at or near the equator of Azeroth. This means that there’s just as much space currently unmapped as there is mapped.

It’s winter in Azeroth. The Winter’s Veil holiday acknowledges that it’s winter. BUT the lands of Azeroth are not swathed in a blanket of snow. Aside from Eversong woods which is kept in a perpetual state of spring by Blood Elf enchantments, everything else -should- get snow. This implies to me that Azeroth does not “teeter” on it’s axis as it orbits the Azerothian sun. This yields constant weather and keeps the temperature in a finite range. This also explains why the fields of Westfall are constantly in need of a harvest. Without the variance of temperature the only thing that governs the seasons of fruits/grains/vegetables is the planting schedule of the farmers. A smart farmer will stagger his field to make sure he’s in a constant state of seeding and harvasting and thus increase the yield from his farm.

This would also explain why the Azerothian day is of a constant length. Whereas days lengthen/shorten on earth because of its “teeter” without the teeter the day is always the same length. This also means that they don’t have “daylight savings time”.

Kvetch: I want the day on Azeroth to be shorter than an Earth day. Sometimes I’d like to adventure when it’s light in Azeroth instead of always questing in the “dark”.

But what about the zones that are always under snow? Dun Morgh is snowed in because if its elevation. It’s high up in the mountains. Winterspring is located almost at the northernmost tip of the continent. It most closely approches the climes of Greenland. Moonglade -is- located at the northernmost tip of the continent and it’s -not- under a blanket of snow. I can only guess that this is related to the infestation by druids.. or possibly a side effect of hosting Cenarius. He is a God isn’t he? It’s also possible that the water in the lake is heated from underneath producing a cloud of green house gasses that keep Moonglade at an elevated temperature.

Biological: Draenei seem to be warm blooded and give live-birth to their young. They have belly buttons. Innys even.

Further, Draenei sexual dimorphism suggests that female Draenei are more attracted to more aggressive males who exhibit large upper bodies and extreme muscle growth. Brawn more than brains.

Human, Orc, Night Elf and Blood Elf sexual dimorphism suggests those species of Azerothian women are similarly more attracted to the more muscular males though to a lesser extant than their Draenei cousins.

The Taurin, Troll, Gnome and Dwarf sexual dimorphism is less pronounced physically and implies that the female’s choice of a breeding partner may be based on other features.. such as intelligence.. or smell.

No assumption can be made about the Undead sexual dimorphism.. well because they’re dead.. seriously.. baby undead is a very gross subject.

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  1. Something to get me amused and a good laugh on my most boring day here at work.

    You really have a sense of humor or just too much time on your hand to thing of stuff. Yet makes for interesting reading.

    It interesting to think that since Winterspring is in the north and snowy. Where is the snow lands of both the southern continents assuming the world of Azeroth is round and have a north and south pole. Maybe there is missing lands maybe dunno.

  2. Lore monkey, ahoy!

    I can only guess that this is related to the infestation by druids.. or possibly a side effect of hosting Cenarius. He is a God isn’t he?

    No, he’s not. Though he may be able alter the weather, he’s not a god. Or at least, not a full one. Cenarius is the son of Malorne, the aspect of the Stag, and Elune, the Goddes of the Moon, making him a Demi-God.

    Also, another thing to consider is what impact Warm Oceanic Currents have on the ecology. Consider for a second that the southern tip of Greenland is only about two degrees away from the northern tip of Scotland. Yet the difference in climates is far too much to justify just from those two degrees. Due to the Gulf Steam sending water into the North Atlantic Current, this causes warm water to raise the average temperature in Europe, making it a similar climate to the United States, despite the huge differences in latitude.

    Areas like Darkshore, despite their far northern locations are much more temperate than they should be. I would imagine that this is due to a warm oceanic current coming from the south, carrying it’s heat up to Darkshore.

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