Filling a niche

Tatia, my paladin is an Enchanter/Herbalist. Her Herbalism is capped and she’s happily picking weeds in Outlands for pots and gold. Her enchanting hit 368 last night (a lot of the guild wanted Savagery on their weapons). I don’t think she’ll be changing any time soon. If it comes down to it.. I’m willing to drop Herbalism but not Enchanting.

Lilac, my warlock, was an Herbalist/Alchemist until I realized that her best gear route was for her to be a Tailor. So she dropped Alchemy to become a Tailor. The rationalization is, even if I don’t have an Alchemist I can get someone in the guild to make pots for me. So a Herbalist is more useful. Lilac is happily picking flowers on her way to outlands. That said, if it comes down to it, I’m willing to drop Herbalism but not Tailoring.

Obliette, my druid, is currently an Enchanter/Herbalist. Someday I hope to do stealth runs with her.. in which case she’ll need to be an enchanter (for the disenchanting). BUT I really haven’t felt the bug to level Obli. I have a healer (so don’t need another).. Stealth runs have been very few-and-far-between. I don’t want to tank. The only pull I feel is from cat DPS. That -does- have draw but not a huge one.

Nocc, my hunter is currently an enchanter. I really don’t need another enchanter.. it was just convenient at the time (and added the ability to disenchant soulbound items for their mats). She has no second tradeskill. She’s leveling with fiancee’s bear tank. His beartank is a skinner/leatherworker. But Nocc has no second tradeskill and this bothers me a lot. I’m stuck as to what to pick as her second skill though.

Herbalism – No involves tracking
Mining – No involves tracking
Skinning – No competes with fiancee for skins
Jewelcrafting/Engineering/Blacksmithing – No, have no miner
Leatherworker – No, have no skinner and hunters get to wear mail before too long, and competes with fiancee
Tailor – No, have a tailor already.. otherwise maybe yes for bags.. but no, the BoP items aren’t useful to Hunters.
Enchanting – Ehh, already have two.. with one at very high level. Hate to skill it up again.
Alchemy – Maybe.. she’s not an herbalist.. but I have several of those.. so she could make potions for them.

I guess I’m just stuck.

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  1. So look at the BoP recipies. Herbalism needs to be done, but doesn’t grant you any personal reward. Jewelcrafting has some nice BoP gems and trinkets and Engineering has some of the best helmets in the game (in addition to a bunch of other wicked cool toys!). I wouldn’t rule either of those out for lack of a miner, the AH ore market is pretty stable.

    If you need an alchemist, the Alchemist’s Stone is a NICE trinket, but really it’d be more useful for a healer or caster. Plus 15 to all stats plus that 40% potion effect bonus? Killer for healing. Maybe level your paladin up on Alchemy and have your hunter be the Herbalist? Herbalism is really, really, really easy to level. And if you’re doing it while levelling alchemy on another toon, theres some nice synergy.

    Personally I’d like to drop Herbalism on my main and go with something that gives me a personal bonus, but I’d have to level an alt first because I can’t live without my plants!

  2. heh the security word generator was a warlock in a pass life: “dotdot”.

    “Leatherworker – No, have no skinner and hunters get to wear mail before too long, and competes with fiancee”

    I can’t argue with the skinning and fiancee bits, and not trying to argue anyways, I just thought that leatherworking allowed you to make mail items once you starting making level 40+ items. Particularly if you did the dragonscale? path.

    Anyways was curious.


  3. Enchanting / Mining? You’ll make no money with enchanting, but it would be convenient to break down soulbound items that can’t be used, and it can come in handy at times. Mining would be your money maker. I know it interferes with your tracking, but you don’t have to have tracking up all the time. Mining/Engineering could be useful for making your own ammo and guns as you level. /shrug.

  4. I’ve never had a high level leatherworker so I’ve never looked to see what you get a high level.

    I’m still thinking about it.. maybe there’ll be a nice new tradeskill in WotLK 😉

  5. Leatherworking is perfectly decent for hunters. High end dragon leatherworking has some of the best mail recipes in the game.

  6. Definately drop Herbalism on the Paladin. You only really need one herb gatherer. You want that to be your warlock. Faster 1v1 kills on a warlock make it much better to hunt with him. Gets rid of those lame wandering mobs that sometimes block your herbs wandering around them.

    Defniately don’t drop Enchanting. Whoever said enchanting isn’t a money-maker is on crack! Even at lvl 300 or so, you can make loads more than it costs you to level by DEing soulbound and BoE stuff.

    If I were you, I’d take up mining. It makes very good gold especially if you have a flying mount in outland. You can mine the most expensive stuff in a jiffy. Also, having a lvl 70 mining character will come in very handy when you do decide to have an engineer, JC, or BS. For instance, if you have a lvl 375 miner, you can run around lower areas, you can collect in an hour 100 copper, 50 mithril + 50 iron, or numerous fel iron + adamatite in about 45 min. It will make for much much faster leveling of future skills. Plus, you can’t go wrong collecting and selling for a very nice wad of gold until then!

  7. I know you said no to mining because of the tracking. I’d suggest rethinking that one. Most of my alts have mining simply for the gold it generates. Even my low level alts have a good amount of gold.

  8. While I realized you said “no” to engineering, if you’ve never leveled engineering, give it a shot. I hadn’t until I leveled one of my paladins, and it’s a ton of fun (make bombs and other cool stuff). Also, unless you’re dead set on using bows or crossbows, you can make both guns and bullets, which bypasses the need to buy your own.

    My thought is to drop enchanting (since really the only reason you’re leveling it is for disenchanting purposes), pick up mining and engineering. But that’s just me.

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