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To toggle or not to toggle

From Patch 2.3.2:
# /cast will toggle spells again unless the name is prefixed with an exclamation mark, e.g. /castsequence Steady Shot, !Auto Shot

I hate to let a good option go to waste.. so I’m noodling the uses for this.

Toggle-able spells I can think of:
Auto Shot (for hunter)
[name of] Aspect (for hunter)
[animal] Form (for druid)
[name of] Aura (for paladin)
Find [some trackable group of things (Herbs, Minerals, Demons, etc)] (for anyone)
Stealth (for rogues and kitty druids)

So.. I wonder if the following would work:

#Show Arcane Shot
/cast !Aspect of the Hawk
/cast Arcane Shot

That is, if it’s not already on, turn on Aspect of the Hawk then cast Arcane Shot.

This will only work if Aspect of the Hawk doesn’t trigger the global cooldown. I’ll test it this evening.

1 thought on “To toggle or not to toggle

  1. I believe the aspects do trigger the global cooldown.. I tried a macro to turn on Aspect of the Viper and Track Humanoids for PVP and I was unable to due to the global cooldown on both

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