Bad Piggie!

While playing in Shadowlabs over the weekend my brother commented that he’s having a problem on his hunter that his pet piggie will often run over and break his traps even when he’s sent the piggie to attack a completely different target.

It has, in the past, been commented that my brother needs more healing than the other hunter. The other hunters are normally running with a Ravager and a Cat.

I wouldn’t doubt that these two things are related. 🙂

Earlier today I spotted this on BRK:

Bilgrim in comments at wrote:

So the soul reason to swap [my pet piggie I trained at level 10] with a faceless and ugly bug [ravager] was his tendencies to break traps!!!

While grinding my way from lvl. 1 – about 65 I never noticed. But when the instance-running started to get somewhat “serious� I discovered that he had a tendency to break my traps. I had him on passive (of course) but still he would CHARGE and break the trapped mob B while I was asking him to attack our prime target mob A. It happened in instances and it happened while I was soloing.

At first I tried to figure out if I was doing something wrong; hitting the wrong buttons or something silly like that, but no. Then I started to ask other boar-owning Hunters if they had the same problem. The answer was yes. Then I asked a Gamemaster what the f*** was happening with our boars and got the answer: Boars may just be stupid!

I wonder if you could prevent this by taking Charge off of auto-cast and just triggering it at the beginning of a fight on the primary target. Hrm.

Incidentally.. BRK named his test pig “Spider”. I’m utterly jealous of the perfect name.. and sad that I just renamed Nocc’s piggie to “Prosciutto” on Saturday.

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  1. Having only recently tamed a boar, and leveling him from 50 to 70, I had this happen to me a number of times, too. I found that turning Charge off worked like a charm. Something about that ability itself appears bugged. In instances now, I only use Charge in emergencies to pull aggro off of someone else.

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