I’ll Make You Famous!!! (AKA: OMG! I have a fan!)

First I posted my Lurter video. Gently ribbing my brother (and the guild) about lurting.. with a piece of candid video from an actual lurt. The extra commentary from the guild was priceless and I -had- just figured out how to make videos.. and it made me laugh.

Then WowInsider linked to it. (WTG guys.. Krullwyn, my brother was less than thrilled to be the poster-boy for lurting 🙂 ) Luckily he’s my brother and he has to love me.

Then I posted this to my blog last Thursday:

Then yesterday WowInsider posted the screenshot and a link to my post about “AskPrice”.

Then last night Khoss says he’s getting tells and sends me this in email:
Khoss the famous This is one of three tells I got in game today. This is the only one I saved.

I’d better get my own dressing room for this.

For the record, the GM is my fiancee. 🙂 and OMG! I have a fan!
/wave at wafflefries

Further for the record I’ve warned guildies and new-joins that I have a blog.. and they will be mentioned. I guess I should have blanked out the name. But geez.. sometimes it’s fun to be famous… ish.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Make You Famous!!! (AKA: OMG! I have a fan!)

  1. Getting in-game tells about your blog is super-cool. =) I’ve had a few myself, and each one reminds me why I take the time to write most days.

  2. I have seen your posts rehashed on wowinsider 3 times lately! Most recently in a post on Impermanent Death. And then on the wowinsider podcast a week ago (maybe) they discussed you again! Sort of in a strange way. I am no longer shocked. A good blog should get recognition.

    Nibuca = Big Time Blogger

    Congrats! 😀

  3. Im glad you get mentioned and more than once on WoWinsider. In a way you could only be too happy if any one of us also is mentioned when it happens or on someone elses blog also. Afterall bloggers and their blogs become like friends over time, we visit them everyday. I’ve made it two times there myself yet only thing I did was same thing I had being doing which was to blog.

    Yet WoWinsider bloggers read and check bloggers blogs all over the place as they need lots if content for daily things to report on or whatever other bloggers are talking about thats interesting.

    On my server I’ve never told anyone really that I blog. However what I have noticed is just like anyone of us players look up info, they search google and eventually players going to at somepoint come across your blog at some point. I’ve had random people whisper me in game saying the saw my blog on the web and that they read it. I wasnt quite sure what to say either. They seem to enjoy reading it or or when at their job. Some people ask me what gems to use for their pally toon. I was glad to help and point them to the right gems and a blog post as added resource whether it was my post or someone elses blog post. Was just humbling. So if your being mentioned its a good thing.

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