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SuccubusLast night Lilac was part of a level-appropriate guildie run through Slave Pens. We were Corddon (63 Protection Paladin), Khoss (62 Healing Shaman), Sae (62 Hunter), Booie (62 Fury Warrior), and Lilac (62 Affliction Warlock). We did fairly well. We had our fair share of wipes but it went well. As part of the run I got to try my hand at crowd control through Seduction.

It went ok.. but it looks like I need to think about it a little more and work out some decent macros.

What I want to have happen:
– Tank pulls.
– I pull my seduction target away of the tank (esp if it’s a pally tank) and make it hate Lilac. (Searing Pain)
– I put curse of Shadows onto my seduction target so that there’s less likely-hood of Seduction breaking earlier (and it’s easier to apply).
– Cast Seduction and seduce the mob. Lilac relocates herself to the other side of the room.
– Seduction ends.. mob runs over to Lilac.
– Re-cast Seduction. Lilac relocates to the -other- side of the room.
Ping pong back and forth with the mob chasing Lilac and then getting seduced before it actually has a chance to hit her too hard.

My first attempt at a marco: (this is untested.. I’m just brainstorming here)

#show Seduction
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead][target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Seduction

The first time I hit this macro, if I have no focus (or my focus doesn’t exist, is dead), set my target to be my focus. Then cast Seduction on my focus.

So target my CC mob. Tank pulls.. Cast Searing Pain (1.5 sec cast) followed immediately by Curse of Shadow (instant with global cooldown) on my target.
Hit the macro to cast Seduction (1.5 sec cast) about 1 second after the Searing Pain Cast starts.

Hopefully both Searing Pain and Curse of Shadows will hit the mob before the succubus finishes casting Seduction.

BTW: I think the icon for “Seduction” is crappy. It needs to be a broken heart.

2 thoughts on “Warlock Seduction Macro

  1. I’m not a fan of the searing-pain-to-get-agro method of crowd control; it works ok while lvl’ing and doing normal instances, but once you start hitting heroic instances a lot of those mobs you’re seducing can one- or two-shot you, and its a hard habit to break. I prefer to have the tank pull by attacking my mob, or if I’m really worried putting a sunder on it at some stage. To be honest tho, once you have your macro sorted out, if you get it off at max range your succy will get 3 seduces off even if the mob makes direct line for her, so its not often necessary (imo) – opinions do definitely vary tho, so whatever works 🙂

    I do have a post about the seduce macro, check it out here; you’re definitely on the right track but that petstay/petfollow bit means you don’t have to wait for seduce to run out before you can recast it; I generally hit it when it still has 1 second to go, the mob only gets a step or 2 off before its cc’ed again.

    Nice blog btw, I’m glad I dropped by, look forward to reading more 🙂

  2. #showtooltip seduction
    /assist pet
    /cast Seduction

    Use this macro instead.. 1 click solution to seduce/reseduce and maintain your target.

    This macro doesn’t use focus, so you are free to use it when Fearing or Banishing, making it possible to CC 2 mobs while maintaining a 3′rd mob as your DPS Target

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