Lilac, Warlocks

Whar’s ma DPS?

Gnome GirlLast night, while in Slave Pens, Lilac hit 63. WK has full level appropriate low-60s group that’s just been tearing up the instances. Lilac has done Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens (twice) and Underbog. I’m still having tons of fun.

In the first few instances I was having some problems generating good DPS. Luckily I stumpled on TeePee’s article on TapTapPewPew called “Tap Tap Fizzle” It was like TeePee had opened my character account and followed me around for a few days 😉

The short of it is, dots run a long time. Trash dies in a short time. Using dots on trash means they die before the dot has time to go bang. To get more bang for your buck be smart about killing trash and do it different from bosses and grinding. Go over and read the full post for the details.

Last night’s Underbog and Slave Pens was much better. I’m still getting used to it (and breaking muscle memory) but Lilac’s DPS was at around 280 the whole run (even with having to banish/seduce for CC). She was out-dps’d by Sae, the BM hunter (who was 2 levels higher) and (oddly) by IronGuts (Warrior Tank). I’m really bothered that IronGuts was out-dpsing me. I want to run a few more instances and get a WWS to see what’s going on. Ragardless, I’m very happy with Lilac’s progression. The runs have nabbed her a couple of cool items and she’s shaping up to be a decent DPSer.

All in all, very happy.