Guild First: High King Maulgar

Wow.. things happen quickly around here. Earlier today someone in West Kingdom got a whisper from Joe, someone else on Khaz Modan. Joe was asking to speak to a West Kingdom guild officer. (cue ominous music) Dun dun dun. We all started wondering who was in trouble. Fiancee, the guild master, ended up logging into Joe’s ventrilo server and they had a nice long talk.

It turns out that the guild “Shadow Warlords” had been allied with another guild (dunno their name). Yesterday guild #2 had informed Joe that they wouldn’t be raiding together anymore (unsure of the exact details). Joe had a Raid on Gruuls scheduled for 8pm server time.. and he only had half the people to fill it. Anyway.. I get the feeling that through a combination of running into our guildies.. and WowJutsu Joe contacted us to see if we would be interested in a raiding alliance.

High King MaulgarViola. We negotiated the terms.. and the loot rules.. and it took 4 tries.. but we got High King Maulgar down. Go us (and Shadow Warlords).

Tatia got the [item]Hammer of the Naaru[/item]. Amellea got the T4 Druid shoulder token.

So far the alliance is looking great. I’m looking forward to many good things.

WWS of the run: http://wowwebstats.com/zgywdggwodvoy