Lilac in Mana Tombs

Lilac fulfilled the “lowbie” role in a Mana Tombs run.

Ursidae(64 Feral Druid Tanking), Khoss (65 Shaman Healing), Tanuur(68 Shaman), Booie(64 Fury Warrior),  Lilac (62 Affliction Warlock).

Lilac is lagging behind the guildie group level wise.  This is impacting her DPS.  Need more hours in the day.

WWS here:

2 thoughts on “Lilac in Mana Tombs

  1. That’s actually a pretty decent performance, especially when you consider you were a little under the instance level (which played a major part in having nearly 10% of your shadow bolts resisted) and behind the rest of the group by a few levels. If you take away the resists you’d end up 2nd on that dps list which is what you should probably expect – there’s no way in hell you’re gonna keep up with a dps shammie 6 levels higher than you 😛 those buggers are hard enough to keep up with when you’re at the same level when they’re geared properly…

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