Guild First: Nightbane

Woot! West Kingdom has cleared Kara! That is all!

[Edited the next day to add…]
Um.. ok.. so that’s not all 🙂 Sorry to be so terse last night. The first post was written while we were still in Kara (we went on to kill Illhoof and Netherspite meaning that we’ve completely cleared Kara this week).

Let’s see.

We were:
Tanking: Gongniu (Warrior Tank),
Healing: Tatia (Holy Paladin), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Khoss (Resto Shaman),
Melee DPS: Drakus (Rogue), Amellea (Feral Druid), Floki (Rogue)
Ranged DPS: Sissyhunter (Hunter), Talyanna (Mage), Fynriss (BM Hunter)

Helpful hints: Make sure the spell detail setting in your video settings is above the lowest setting. At the lowest setting it’s -REALLY- hard to see charred earth. Bump it up to see the spell so you can get out of it.

Mark one ranged person (we used one of the healers) with a raid sign. That is the range finder.

DO NOT PULL AGGRO. The tank must have aggro at all times or we all die. You’ve been warned.

Initial Ground Positioning: Gongniu stands near where Nightbane will land and picks him up when he lands. Gongniu then turns Nightbane so that the dragon’s tail is in the wall and Gongniu is backed up to the crenelations. (see picture).

The dragon will occasionally fear. A fear ward helps but it’s important for the tank to stance dance to pop out of this fear. Gongniu has a macro for this but I’m not sure what’s in the marco.

Melee DPS stands near the dragon’s flank and essentially hits his back legs. (Keep in mind the dragon has a big kill box so you don’t have to be that close to still be hitting him).

Ranged DPS and Healers group up at furthest range from the tank/dragon. They need to pile up either at the crenelations or at the wall. During ground phase -only- the tank will get heals.

Initial Air Positioning: Everyone except your highest armored healer (sacrificial healer) (Tatia in this case) collapses in on the main tank at a position very near where the dragon will later land.

Method: Someone triggers the event. Everyone is in ground positions. Ranged group should start as close to the crenelations as possible at max range from the tank. Dragon lands, tank gets 5 sunders on the dragon. DPS lets loose.

When charred earth appears under the melee group they should immediately move to the other side of the dragon.

I’m not precisely sure what the tank should do if charred earth appears under him. Eeh. I don’t remember that happening on these attempts.

When charred earth appears under the ranged group they should immediately stop casting and run to the opposite side of the walkway (the wall for the first charred earth). Two of the healers should immediately resume healing the tank. The third healer (also range finder marked with raid sign) should edge back to find max range. When at max range they should call this out and resume healing the tank. The others in the ranged group should then group up on the raid marked range finder.

It’s important that someone is healing the tank at all times. So note that even though they may be spread out, two healers heal the tank while the third healer finds range. Then, when range is found, the third healer solo-heals the tank while the other two healers group up on the range finder. We found that Paladins, as fantastic focus healers, make good range finders as we can more easily stand as solo healer for the tank for a short while.

When the dragon reaches 75% (and 50% and 25%) he will take to the air. This is the start of the air phase. Everyone except for the sacrificial healer should collapse down onto the tank. The sacrifical healer, and ONLY THAT HEALER, should madly heal to top off everyone in the raid. This healer will generate the highest aggro against Nightbane and will draw his “ash” breath weapon.

Nightbane has two breath weapons.
Breath weapon 1: Rain of bones will cause skeletons to rain down on the party. When these land the party should scatter towards the ranged group’s grounding position and the tanks/melee DPS should pick up the skeletons. Do not AOE as this will get you too much aggro and you’ll get munched by the skeletons. Focus fire an kill off the skeletons as quickly as possible.

Breath weapon 2: Cone of Ash. This causes a lot of damage to whoever has highest healing aggro. This should be your sacrificial healer. As a Pally I was easily able to heal myself through this breath weapon.

In the air phase, your group has 40 seconds to kill off all the skeletons. At the end of 40 seconds Nightbane will land and re-engage even if there are still skeletons up. At about 30-35 seconds everyone should move back to the ranged group’s ground phase starting position (at range, near the crenelations). Nightbane will land and then run towards the group. The warrior should be positioned to intercept the dragon and turn him back to the ground phase position with his tail stuck in the wall. After the tank has 5 sunders DPS can let loose.

4 thoughts on “Guild First: Nightbane

  1. Gratz on Nightbane and finally clearing Kara. Umm, where is the rest of the missing story, all smooth sailing on nightbane?

    Nightbane is the last Boss our guild have to officially kill before we can say we cleared Kara, so hopefully tonight or this weekend if people can stop been afk.

  2. Grats on the clear!

    I’m on the Aman’Thul server. We recently just cleared Kara too. I’ve had a rough time seeing the charred earth and saw a video wherein the charred earth was very clear. In searching more on the subject, I found your blog and your tip on upping the spell detail settings. Just wanted to say thanks for that, as it didn’t occur to me to check. Haven’t tried it yet as I just got out of a Kara run earlier. But looking forward to being able to see it. LOL.

    Thanks again!

    Razors Edge

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